Monday, October 6, 2008

The Smells of Autumn...

In keeping with my bodily function theme, my post today addresses state park bathroom smells. We took a trip for the kids' fall break and once we got to the site, we went to use the restrooms. You know how State and National Park outhouses and restrooms smell, right? They have that kind of piney/enzymey smell that lets you know someone is making a lame attempt to keep germs and bacteria at bay in an extremely public place that was built in 1936. Usually that smell is reserved for facilities that DO NOT have flushing toilets.

This restroom, however, did have flushing toilets, it was well ventilated and actually very clean and nicely built, with tile and new toilets and running water. So WHY did it still have that funky smell? Is it because it's government issue air freshener, so all state and national park bathrooms smell the same? Is it to remind us of the rests stops of yesteryear when we took eternally long family trips in station wagons crammed with too many people? Whatever it is, it needs to stop. Some of the 7 billion dollars we are spending needs to be used to buy the government some new air freshener! Have they heard of Febreze? Seriously!

So we went to Kartchner's Cavern here in Arizona, its right outside of Benson, which is south of Tucson. I will post pics of the trip tomorrow, but they don't let you take pics in the cave anyway. In fact, they don't let you do anything but walk through it. Can't touch anything. Nothing. You can't even touch the rocks that are almost touching you when you walk through the pathways that they built...which means someone had to touch something for the pathways to be built - right? boys both did really good with not touching anything. My husband was a different story. He thought the Park Ranger was a little too "Green" and pushy with her "don't touch the cave" agenda. He kept wanting to make a point that him touching a rock would not spread some kind of human anthrax virus through the cave. Dude! Can you just enjoy the tour?

It was amazing and beautiful and weird to think we were inside of a mountain, looking at all these incredible formations. Seriously, it rocked.

The gift shop DID NOT rock, it was really expensive and filled with all kinds of crap that had nothing to do with the caverns. We finally busted out the big bucks and spent $2 in quarters on the machine that smashes pennies. The boys were unimpressed. At least we have a souvenir.


HeatherPride said...

Oh that is fabulously reminiscent of the many, many roadtripping exploits of my youth!!! I know exactly the smell you are talking about!! And right now, I just want to hop in the car and take my kid to the local cave so he can smear boy germs all over a stalagmite.

Miss Hope said...

Omgosh! I was reading your blog when I made a sound. Hubby asked what was up and I had to read out loud. He has family in the Tucson and Benson area! I've been through there! Ok...not a big deal for many, but I am an East Coast gal and I totaly know where you're talking about!

Oh yeah, we know about the smells. We drove across country and I would agree that all those places smell the same.

Heidi said...

I think I need some GermX just reading about the bathroom. Where is Britney Spears & her bare feet when you need em?

Kristi said...

That place looks so cool. I think it is so funny that the person who was the most rebellious was your husband and not your two boys. Man-boys will be boys.

Alicia said...

How fun! I have a friend in California who went to those caverns a few months ago!

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