Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Want Another BABY!

I love this video.  It reminds me of when my boys were little and how much I loved to watch them when they play together. 

OMG!  Have I been bitten by the baby bug?!?  I think I have!  I am so missing my little boys!  I just caught myself wishing I could have another one!!  Aauuggghhhhh!! 

Curse these blasted hormones and their mixed messages!  First they tell my reproductive system to go into shutdown mode because I'm too old to deal with childbirth again, THEN they go all crazy and make me want more babies!!  I don't have the energy for this.  Guess I'll go dig through my boys' baby pictures and reminisce to fill the void. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

SoftScrub Total All Purpose Giveaway

OOPS!!  So sorry!  I have been so crazy busy that I forgot to do the drawing for our giveaway!  Two lucky readers will be receiving 2 coupons each for some serious cleaning product courtesy of Soft Scrub!  So, without further delay...The winners are:

Wait for it...


Congrats to Johnson Team Mom and Melanie!!  Your coupons are on the way!!  And just cuz I love my other commenting blog friends so very much and made everyone wait so long to find out who won, I'm sending something to Miss Hope and Sports Mama too.  Yay!!  Freebies for all my friends!