Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Man Needs a New Nickname

Little Man had a birthday this week and I every time I look at him I am reminded that his "little boy" stage is rapidly coming to a halt. 

Until he does something like this: 

Then I wonder if he'll ever grow up. 

Somedays I really need him to grow up because things like fighting with him over taking a shower when he smells like a wet dog just gets old.  Other days, when he looks like this: 

I wish he could stay my Little Man forever.  Then he wakes up.

Truth be told, Little Man really is an amazing creature.  He is the quintessential little boy.  He loves dirt and creatures and rocks and animals and wierd looking, stinky things and nature.  He is kind to his friends, he loves his family and he has a wicked sense of humor.  He is the kind of kid who challenges his mama with his boyish nature, and sometimes he makes me so mad I could spit.  Then the second he realizes he's crossed a line or hurt my feelings or trashed my dryer with his "rock tumbling" experiment, he will hug my neck so hard that I feel his little heart through his chest.  His remorse is so real and so heartfelt that I can't stay mad.  Because that heart is so pure and innocent and loving that to stay mad at him for being who he is?  Would ruin who he is.  So who is he?  He is an amazing gift from a loving Heavenly Father who knew that I would need someone in my life who can love me wholeheartedly, without condition, regardless of my weight, my haircut or my lack of patience with curious, active little boys. 

He is my Little least for a few more years.   



johnsonteammom said...

Oh man, that post made me cry as I think about my little Skylar turning 12 this week. I told him he would always be my baby boy (before Derek came) and he still is my baby boy for all those reasons you just mentioned. I think maybe he and Little Man are twins separated at birth. I will be hugging my boy a little tighter tonight, thanks for sharing.

Tricia said...

It's so true...and my 2 boys are both under 4 and I'm relating to you! I'm a new follower! It's nice to see what's going on with someone who's been there me hope! Please come visit my blog if you can! maybe it will bring back memories?

Tricia at Mom is the Only Girl

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