Friday, March 26, 2010

My Gratitude Post

So you've all listened to me whine and complain and vent and stress and whatever else it is that I do and have done over the last two years on this blog when it comes to my personal and wanted professional life.  I'm sure there are times when you all wonder if I am EVER going to make peace with my issues and finally lay them to rest!?!  You know what?  I wonder the same thing.  And I can tell you that I am closer than I have ever been to just letting go of all those things that have kept me from living the kind of life I want for me and for my family.  My boys and my husband (and myself, for that matter!) deserve the best I can give them and I have not given any of us the best of who I am.

The last months/year have brought comments and support from all kinds of people in my life and for the first time ever, I feel like I have finally been in a place to receive the help with humility and gratitude, rather than with embarrassment and guilt.  Being able to accept the help without feeling like a loser was a huge step for me.  Without those feelings of worthlessness and stupidity clouding my view, I see things from a very different perspective.  For the first time in a very long time I have hope that my life can be the life I want it to be, regardless of my past, regardless of who I married, regardless of my parenting skills, regardless of my level of education, regardless of the stress that comes with each new trial.  I can be the person I want to be, inspite of what my negative self says.

I know, this is like 2nd grade psychology.  I tell my kids stuff like this everyday.  I just never tell myself stuff like this.  But other people have been good about telling me stuff like this.  People like my friend with the very funny son who makes hilarious videos.  She's been quietly following my blog for some time now.  She never leaves comments so I had no idea she read my posts.  Until she sent me an email after I freaked out about that job I didn't get but really wanted.  She gave me some excellent advice, which I followed.  I still didn't get that particular job, but I feel a lot better about my ability to get that killer job, whenever I run across another one.  So I want to thank my new friend for taking the time to offer a kind word and some really good counsel.  She made a difference in my life.

I have to thank my family.  My mom and sister have gone out of their way to help me work through the financial situation with which we have struggled for the past 2 years.  I know they look at me sometimes and wonder what is wrong with me and why I make the choices I make.  I have wondered the same thing, on many, many occasions.  All I can say is that part of the reason I have had the financial struggle is because I have had to struggle with other demons that have kept me from being able to go forward sometimes.  But I think I finally have a handle on all of emotions and I am done being helpless and paralyzed by fear.  Thanks for not judging me. 

I also want to thank my regular readers:  Miss Hope, Miss Pike, Kristi, Sports Mama, Queen of Chaos,  Deana, Denise, Tam, Trisha, Alepuz, Koni, Bandana Mom, Party of Six, Suzanne, all the other Boy Moms out there and the many, many other readers who stop by regularly to stay in touch and either commiserate or laugh at my endless conundrums.  I love and appreciate each and every one of you.  Even the chick who posts in whatever Asian language you write in.  I don't know what you are saying, but thanks for the effort.

Bear with me, people, I know this is starting to sound like an Academy Award speech.  I just need to do this while I am still  full of gratitude today.  Tomorrow might find me exhausted and grumpy again, with no desire to say anything nice to anybody.

I also want to thank the companies who have worked with me to offer products for my review and giveaways for my readers.  I have gotten to know many of you on a more personal level and have enjoyed making new friends (Maria and Amy and BSM Media, Jeff, Jason).  You have all been extremely helpful when I have asked for advice or help or even sponsorships.  It means a lot to me that you are willing to give me the opportunity to use my writing skills to help promote your products.  I work hard to give honest reviews and to let the people in my circle of influence know about who you are and what you have to offer in the way of products that are family friendly, I hope that my efforts have helped you as much as you have helped me.  It has been so rewarding and fun to share what you make and sell with the people around me, in my neighborhood and around the blogosphere.  The fact that I am kind of the "gal-in-the-know" who gets the cool hook-ups has shot me up the cool ladder about 8 rungs.  So thanks for helpin' a sistah get some street creds, guys. 

This post is getting long now and I can feel eyes glazing over as some of you keep reading and reading and reading and thinking "Oh my Gosh! Does she ever stop talking?" Nope. I don't. So I will wrap this post up for today and continue my gratitude post as Part 2 tomorrow. Lots of love and hugs to all my blog friends and family! Ya'll rock out loud!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

EcoSMART Natural Bug Killer Giveaway

Warm weather is just around the corner, folks and for us here in Arizona that means lots of little buggy creatures running around, inside and outside our home.  This is worrisome for me, because I am NOT a bug person.  Bugs give me the heebie-jeebies.  When I find one, I sic Little Man on them, if he is around.  He is brave and jumps right in there to smash them or shoo them away. 

What do I do if Little Man or Big Man are both missing in action?  I get a container of some sort and set it over the bug where it waits until one of my men gets home to deal with it.  The little pest wanders it's small, confined space, wishing it had chosen a different space to invade while I relax, knowing I am safe from harm.  Until it finds a millimeter of space and escapes, then charges me like a tiny, angered, fire-breathing monster...because bugs are cunning like that. 

We used to pay for pest control, but stopped over the winter because A) it was too expensive and B) I would get headaches after the Bug Man sprayed.  So we have decided to see what other options we have.  Lucky for us there are some natural solutions to pest control, from companies like EcoSMART.   

EcoSMART is the world leader in safe pesticide solutions.   EcoSMART offers the only complete line of EPA exempt pesticides sold in the US and with 15 years of scientific research to back their products, they can proudly offer 100% safe pesticides that are proven to work. Their products are based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self protection against insects and pathogens for millenia - essential oils.  I don't know about ya'll, but those seem like some might fine street creds to me.

I look forward to trying the natural home pest control value bundle, which contains several all natural products:
  • Ant and Roach Killer (14 oz can)
  • Home Pest Control (24 oz spray bottle)
  • Flying Insect Killer (14 oz can)
  • Insect Repellent (6 oz bottle)
I'm also interested in the home and garden pest control value bundle, especially after all of the rain we have had here in the Valley these last few months.  Any of you desert dwellers know that just a spittle of rain springs forth an entire yard full of weeds in about 2 nano seconds after the moisture soaks into the earth.  Some of the products in the home and garden line will be extremely usefull in keeping my gravel weed free!

Wanna win an EcoSMART Value Bundle for yourself!?!  It's easy to do!  Just leave a comment telling me which value bundle you need and why you want or need it.  Easy peasy, right?  Winner will be selected at random and the giveaway will end on March 30th, 2010 at 12 midnight PST.  Open to US residents only. 

Don't forget, you can earn extra entries by:
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  • Becoming a Follower of my blog
Good luck and as always, thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate it! 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Disney On Ice Returns to the Valley

I have been really blessed as a blogger to work with some great companies to help promote family friendly products and events.  Last year I was selected to work with Feld Entertainment.  These are the folks who bring us great events like the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus and Disney on Ice. 

Last year we had the pleasure of attending both the circus and the ice show, which were really visually stunning and entertaining events!  I was a little worried that my boys might not enjoy the Disney On Ice thing, but I was once again proven WRONG about my knowledge of what they do and do not like.  They loved it!  They loved the skating, the Disney characters, the athletic tricks and spins, the music...the whole thing.

This year's Disney On Ice Show celebrates 100 Years of Magic.  We are really looking forward to going again. If you would like to go, tickets are on sale now and Feld is offering a special family discount of 4 tickets for $44*.  You can purchase tickets through, just use the code MOM to buy them online or by phone!  Don't forget to bring money for souvenirs!

*The tickets are good for any performance, not valid on VIP or Front Row seats. A minimum of 4 tickets is required; additional tickets can be purchased at $11 each. No double discounts, service charges and handling fees may apply.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk with Omega DH3 Giveaway Winners!

Wow!  What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been!  Going back to work has been...well, let's just say exhausting for now.  I have so much to tell ya'll. But first thing's first - I have some Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk winners to announce!  So, here we go with the winners:

Whoo-Hoo!  Congrats to Melanie and Cheryl!  You will be receiving an email with instructions on how to receive your coupons!