Thursday, November 6, 2008

Retake Day!!

Today is school picture retake day.
Little Man has to try again because his eyes were halfway closed on the first set.

Hopefully we will get something better this time around. I'm kind of done paying for crap pictures.

I have enough of those at home.


The Sports Mama said...

This is exactly why I decided to take my own pictures of the boys this year! (And? I'm still taking votes on which ones are the best, so feel free to pop on by and vote. Please? )

Cynthia said...

Why do we feel guilty if we don't buy school pictures? They should at least let moms come down to the school and comb their hair. We are paying for the pics after all. I only buy them for the class picture. Once they started buying yearbooks, I took them to a studio each year where I could pick out what I want. That is a funny picture you posted.

Choppzs said...

I just got the 2 kid's school pics back too, and luckily they both turned out pretty darn good! I always hate paying as much as I do for those stinkin cheap school pics! lol

4funboys said...

I hate paying for pictures... and I guess I complained about it one too many times this year.

My son decided to "save me some cash this year" and not even give me the form to get his school picture taken since "I never like them anyway."

Alicia said...

We were lucky this year that the boys' pics came out good. Last year, my 10-year-old had to have retakes, cuz obviously all my threats didn't keep him from getting sweaty at PE, which was RIGHT BEFORE PICTURES! Now, who on earth would schedule that way?

Kristi said...

Nathan, had one eye slightly closed so he looked like a freaky pirate saying, "Arrrgh". ARgh is right! good thing I only buy the cheapest package, since I forgot about retake day. Oops. I guess Arrrrgh it is this year.

MoziEsmé said...

But that one-eyed shot is so cute!

At least 3 quarters of my photos turn out as rejects - I am so thankful for digital cameras these days!

Rachael said...

Way to put it! I think we all have plenty of "crap" pictures laying around our homes

SWIRL said...

That is toooo funny! I'm not the only one!
I don't buy school pictures anymore.. {okay- that's not true} I give the boys the option.. we can buy your "Hockey picture packet" or your school picture packet.. they always pick the hockey and I like those better because they take a "buddy" shot with all four of my boys together..
So far no bad hockey shots.. I think because they are in their element.

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