Friday, November 13, 2009

Where Would You Go?

We had the "Where would you go?" discussion in the car the other day as we were driving to the Veteran's Day parade. You know the one..."If you could go anywhere in the world..."

I found my boys' answers intriguing. Little Man wants to be a paleontologist, so he wanted to go to the African deserts where dinosaur bones were recently discovered. Big Brother wated to go somewhere relaxing and where there's good food, like Italy.

You can definitely see there are distinct differences in how my boys filter the world!

Then we talked about the places I've been. I've really only been out of the country one time, when I went to Spain. One of the best parts about my trip to Spain was flying British Airways. Seriously? It was one of the most comfortable flights of my life. We are not in the position to go anywhere right now though, which is unfortunate, because British Airways is having a huge fare sale to destinations all over the world. With flights starting from just $229 and Flight + hotel packages from $659, now is a great time to see some exotic destinations. How awesome would it be to spend Chrismas in London or Hong Kong or Milan? BA flies to all of those locations! They cover the Middle East, India, Asia and Europe.

If you haven't flown out of the US before, you should know the flights are very long. Like 14 hours plus kind of long. Which is a long time to sit in an airplane belonging to an airline company that doesn't value its customers. Does it strike you odd that my flight on British Airways stuck out so much in my mind? It's because BA offers a much more upgraded travel experience! The flight became part of memory because it was so pleasant.

When I flew? Right after we were seated on the plane, they brought hot towels around with which to freshen up. I was suprised at how much better I felt after wiping the airport "air" from my face and hands. Plus the towels smelled of lemon. That was a really nice touch. Before we took off, we were given a little travel bag, filled with toothpaste, eye masks, little warm socks, etc. along with headsets and pillows and blankets. It's a long flight and British Airways goes the extra mile to help their passengers get as comfy as possible. Along with the really, really comfortable seats (lumbar support, adjustable headrests) they have over 200 On-demand Entertainment options, so you can watch movies, listen to music, whatever helps you chill.

I won't go into a whole long thing about every little detail I experienced, suffice it to say that the food was outstanding (they served little individual fine chocolates after the meal), the flight attendants were very, very attentive and there was not one thing I lacked during that flight. Oh...and all of the food and beverages are complimentary. No paying extra 'cause you're thirsty and up in the air and so desperate that you'll pay $5 for a bottle of water! British Airways doesn't roll like that. They really do take the honors when it comes to top notch flight service. British Airways IS all that and a bag of chips. And yes, this is a sponsored post that I am being paid to wirte. But you all know me well enough to know that if I have a problem with a company or product? I SAY SO! Not the case experience with British Airways was spot on.

So...where would I go if I could take a dream trip right now? My first response is always Spain, because I loved it so much and only got to see part of the country. I could probably go almost anywhere in Europe though and enjoy it. I would love to go to Egypt sometime and see the pyramids, and I think Japan would be an amazing country to see. I just love to travel, so I guess my dream vacation would be almost anyplace new and different.

Where would you go? Wherever it is, check out British Airways to get you there. But better hurry, the fare sale ends November 19th! And if you need some help planning your trip, click here for a destination guide that will help you plan a great holiday experience.

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Tam said...

We were so totally spoiled. I loved the fact that we had a menu to choose our meal.
It was a great way to begin the adventure.

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