Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Minute Shopper?

It should come as no surprise that I am not ready for Christmas. Not even close. And with little to no budget for gifts this year, it's been tough to figure out how to make memories this year without spending money. We're people of convenience. And really, we all know that convenience is a big money suck. If you want fast and easy, you pay for it. (Wow...that statement could be translated sooooooo many ways!)

What is my point here? I'm trying to find an interesting and hip way to tell you about some last minute gift ideas that are working for me. Instead of trying to be all clever and stuff, I'll just get to the rub...Cafe Press has these really cute customized ornaments that make really good last minute gifts for friends, relatives, teachers, etc. There! I said it! Now quit wasting time reading about how fun and easy the ornament designer is to use, or how you can choose some really cool designs or even make your own custom design like the ornament pictured here, and get on over to Cafe Press to design YOUR OWN ornament!!

What? Oh, your welcome. Helping people solve their problems is what I do. Okay, some people call it meddling...{{{sigh}}}those people just don't know when to accept the help or advice from someone who knows what's good for them.

But YOU are not that kind of person. You are the kind of person who is actually toggling between this blog post and Cafe Press as we speak, trying to read my awesome and always on the mark advice while designing your ornament at the same time. Because you know I would never, ever steer you wrong. Right? Cool. We're good then. I'm off to design my own ornaments.
**Disclosure: I did not receive financial compensation for this post. I did receive a gift certificate from Cafe Press good for 2 free ornaments in order toexperience the Ornament Designer and facilitate this review.


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