Sunday, January 24, 2010

Suave Wash Them Grow Contest and Review

My family has always used and enjoyed Suave products. I love the fact that Suave products are easy on my budget. My kids like the products because they smell good and are easy on their hair and skin.

So I am happy to help promote the Suave Kids® Wash and Grow Sweepstakes that started January 18th and runs through February 22nd.
Weekly Prizes include a Family e-Keepsake Kit (a Sponsor-selected laptop, a mini digital camcorder and a Sponsor-selected Digital Camera)and the Grand Prize is an 8-day/7-night trip for four to Orlando, Florida! Now that is a serious vacation! Wanna enter (of course you do!)? Just head over to to to get more information about the contest Bath products! Don't forget to play the online trivia game while you're there so you can receive an automatic entry into the Suave Kids® Wash Them Grow Sweepstakes. You can play once a day through February 22nd!

And by the way - There is a separate contest going on for the blogger who drives the most traffic to the sweepstakes. If I win I will get a $100 gift card to Build-A Bear Workshop and win a year's supply of Suave Kids Products. Not to shabby! But it gets better. If I win? I get to choose 10 of my readers to receive the same awesome gift I win! WHAT, WHAT!?! I KNOW! So all of you lurkers, now is the time to get on over to Suave and help a sister out, so we can all win some great stuff!

The UPS guy dropped off a box of Suave Kids Body Wash on Friday, so my boys were happy to take a bath Friday night to try them out. I thought that as my 10 year old started getting older he would prefer showers over baths, but actually, the opposite has happened. He really loves my whirlpool bathtub and uses it almost nightly to "unwind." What he has to be so stressed about that he needs to "unwind" at night is beyond me, but it's his bathtime, so whatever! Both of the boys loved the bubbles, especially in the whirlpool tub!

My youngest has sensitive skin and has figured out pretty quickly that he has to be careful about what he uses ,so he chose to start out with the Suave Kids Free and Gentle Body Wash (no dyes to irritate skin!) The Oldest Chose the Berry Body Wash because "he's getting older and needs to make sure he doesn't smell like a "stinky man." I didn't want to tell him that the Berry scent would pretty much kill any thoughts of him being mistaken for a man at all, let alone a stinky one.

Tonight they both tried the other two products:

■Suave Kids Strawberry Body Wash
■Suave Kids Moisturizing Body Wash

Verdict? Oldest likes the Moistuizing Body Wash and has dubbed it HIS, not to be touched by younger sibling EVER! Youngest likes them all and will use them in rotation, depending on what his "nose feels like smelling" on any given day.

My verdict? Anything that gets my boys to take a bath without complaining is good. I love that Suave Kids Body Washes are made especially for kids' skin. They are tear-free and opthamoligist-tested, so they are gentle and leave their skin feeling soft and smooth - which the boys don't care about, but it is so nice to hug my guys and have them feel and smell like soft little boys and not stinky, scaly little critters!

Click HERE to print off a coupon for Suave Kids Body Wash!

*I was not compensated monetarily for this post.  I did receive free product from the company in order to facilitate the writing of this review.


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