Tuesday, March 16, 2010

EcoSMART Natural Bug Killer Giveaway

Warm weather is just around the corner, folks and for us here in Arizona that means lots of little buggy creatures running around, inside and outside our home.  This is worrisome for me, because I am NOT a bug person.  Bugs give me the heebie-jeebies.  When I find one, I sic Little Man on them, if he is around.  He is brave and jumps right in there to smash them or shoo them away. 

What do I do if Little Man or Big Man are both missing in action?  I get a container of some sort and set it over the bug where it waits until one of my men gets home to deal with it.  The little pest wanders it's small, confined space, wishing it had chosen a different space to invade while I relax, knowing I am safe from harm.  Until it finds a millimeter of space and escapes, then charges me like a tiny, angered, fire-breathing monster...because bugs are cunning like that. 

We used to pay for pest control, but stopped over the winter because A) it was too expensive and B) I would get headaches after the Bug Man sprayed.  So we have decided to see what other options we have.  Lucky for us there are some natural solutions to pest control, from companies like EcoSMART.   

EcoSMART is the world leader in safe pesticide solutions.   EcoSMART offers the only complete line of EPA exempt pesticides sold in the US and with 15 years of scientific research to back their products, they can proudly offer 100% safe pesticides that are proven to work. Their products are based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self protection against insects and pathogens for millenia - essential oils.  I don't know about ya'll, but those seem like some might fine street creds to me.

I look forward to trying the natural home pest control value bundle, which contains several all natural products:
  • Ant and Roach Killer (14 oz can)
  • Home Pest Control (24 oz spray bottle)
  • Flying Insect Killer (14 oz can)
  • Insect Repellent (6 oz bottle)
I'm also interested in the home and garden pest control value bundle, especially after all of the rain we have had here in the Valley these last few months.  Any of you desert dwellers know that just a spittle of rain springs forth an entire yard full of weeds in about 2 nano seconds after the moisture soaks into the earth.  Some of the products in the home and garden line will be extremely usefull in keeping my gravel weed free!

Wanna win an EcoSMART Value Bundle for yourself!?!  It's easy to do!  Just leave a comment telling me which value bundle you need and why you want or need it.  Easy peasy, right?  Winner will be selected at random and the giveaway will end on March 30th, 2010 at 12 midnight PST.  Open to US residents only. 

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Good luck and as always, thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate it! 


The Sports Mama said...

Dude, you've read my blog. You know I have a STRONG anti-insect terrorism policy. :)

I'm thinkin', though... that the indoor stuff would benefit me most. Between the kids (who are NEVER helpful when dealing with insect terrorists) and the dogs (less helpful than the kids), we need something as un-harmful as possible. Saves my shoes from the constant squishing action. :)

Miss Hope said...

This looks amazing! Apparently the landscapers who laid the sod down in our new yard (before we bought the house) did a sorry butt job. The husband is out there now battling weeds so I'm thinking that outdoor deal would be amazing for me!

If you get a chance? Make sure I'm following your blog. I'm pretty sure I am...just want to make sure. Thanks! This looks like a really needed and awesome giveaway!

Miss Hope said...

Just so you know? I put this giveaway on my facebook status! I really like this giveaway and think others should check it out! Good luck, girl!

Renee said...

I would love to have the safe flowers and plants bundle for my garden because I have outdoor cats and a daughter that do not need to be exposed to the traditional harmful chemicals.
yeleochikee at hotmail dot com

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