Friday, June 11, 2010

School's OUT! And We Get to Keep CoCo! Yay...

Oh my FREAKING HECK this was a long school year!  The boys just got out yesterday (YES!  June 10th!  I KNOW!!!!!)  and we were ecstatic that  we were finally, finally done for the year.  So I have to say, as much as I love our school, I am kind of getting done with the year round thing.  I guess I am going to have to start going to the PTO meetings when they decide this stuff so I can air my grievances!  Really, all they need to do is chop a week off of our 3 week Winter break and let the kids out a week earlier at the end of the year.  Three weeks is too long and the boys get bored anyway.  I'm just sayin'.

The boys had awesome teachers this year though and they were happy.  And bless her heart, Little Man's teacher let him bring home the class pet for the summer so he wouldn't be lonely.  I'm not sure exactly how I feel about that, because I was kind of done with the class pet.  The class pet is a gecko, which requires food.  Live food.  Like mealworms and crickets.  So then I have to buy bugs and gross things to feed the gecko.  Do you understand how weird it is to buy crickets, then have to worry about making sure they have nourishment so they can stay alive to be fed to a gecko?  I am trying to keep insects alive, people!  It is completely counterintuitive!  Not to mention that I have to spend money to buy the dang things!  You get the point.

So anyway...we have the gecko for the summer.  His name is CoCo.  Before you ask, I don't know how the name came about.  It was a bunch of 2nd graders who named him.  'Nuff said, right?  CoCo is cool though.  Sometimes he gets all ninja and uses his mouth to pull his little water bowl up to the cave thing he hides in.  He's pretty strong.  What?  How do I know it's a male?  Oh...glad you asked.  Now I can lay some gecko knowledge on you.  His tail is how I know. Male geckos store fat in their tail so when there is a low food supply, he can live off of the fat.  My body does not work the same way as CoCo's body.  My rear end seems to store even MORE fat when the food supply gets low and I don't eat.  I think it is unfair that a gecko gets the cool weight loss tool and I do not.  Just sayin'.

Here's what a leopard gecko looks like.  This is not CoCo.  But it looks just like him.  He's extremely handsome, yes? 

I'll post some pics tomorrow with some more about CoCo that I think you will all enjoy.  In the meantime, I have to go to PetSmart...I recently ran out of bugs. 


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