Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My "Qwest" for Internet Continues

How many days ago did I post about not having an internet connection? Was it 10 days? Yes. Was that a long time to wait for Qwest to get out here to put some tiny clamps on a few wires so I can get online? Yes. Should I be surfing the web like a woman possessed today after suffering such a lengthy isolation from all my social media activities? Yes, I should be. But alas, I am NOT tweeting and blogging with a vigor. I am sitting here wondering how I can survive another 2 days while Qwest reissues my order because apparently my first order was never submitted. So I waited 10 days for nothing.

So am I mad at Qwest? Yes. Actually it's more like fury. I kind of wanted to scream out loud and lay on the floor and kick and scream when they told me what had happened. But I didn't, since I have no other viable options for internet service. Does not having options suck? Yes. Does Qwest suck? I don't know yet. That depends on whether or not they expedite my installation and follow through with the other promises the CSR offered to try to keep my business.

Was I right when I surmised that CenturyLinks new name had ominous overtones? YES! And although I may not have to wait an entire century to be reconnected to cyberspace, it FEELS like an eternity! Am I over reacting? Maybe. Wait...NO! Hello!?! I just moved! I need to pay bills and change addresses and communicate with people with whom I am no longer geographically close! I can't do the Pony Express thing in this day and age! AAAUUUGGGHHHH!!

Two days from now will I appreciate the dexterity skills I developed because I had to write blog posts on a tiny android smart phone keyboard? Yeah, actually I might, because I'm gettin' wicked fast now at pounding out texts and tweets from my cellphone. Can I get paid for that? How ironic would it be if I ended up getting a job as a Master Texter Chick making major coin because Qwest screwed up. Could it happen? Yes. Anything's possible. Will it happen? Probably not.

Will I have DSL on Thursday? One can only hope.


CenturyLinkJoey said...

Hi Boymom,

This is Joey with CenturyLink. I'm terribly sorry to read about the trouble you have had. If you email us at with your name, account information and details on your issue, we'll be glad to help out. Thanks.

Joey H
Manager, @CenturyLinkHelp Team

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