Sunday, September 15, 2013

First School Dance and Funny Dance Moments in Movies

My son hit a major life crossroad this weekend.  He went to his first dance.  I had posted about it on Facebook, because I was a little worried about this pivotal teenage moment that he didn't seem to be taking very seriously.  Dude!  This is your first dance!  This will set the tone for all future dance experiences!  You need to be ready!  But he thought my concern was unfounded.  He refused to listen.  He actually told me I was making too big a deal of the whole thing.  Obviously he has no clue about the ramifications of a bad dance on his social life.  Whatevs, son.  He wouldn't practice his dance moves with me or dress up in something other than his "good shorts" and a clean t-shirt. Even his little brother told him he at least needed to wear a button up shirt.  See!?  Not just me!!  

Anyway...I drove him to the dance and I watched him get out of the car and walk toward the gym, knowing full well that I would get a call a few minutes later telling me to come get him because he was under dressed and didn't know how to dance.

But that didn't happen.  There was no worried call, there was no text saying "this dance sucks."  There was nothing.  And then 2 hours later, there was my son., getting in the car.

Me: "How was it?"
Son: "Fine."
Me: "Did you dance?"
Son: "Yeah, a few times."
Me: "Did you ask them or did they ask you?"
Son: "They asked me."
Me: "Slow or fast?"
Son: "One slow, one I don't know what it was. everybody just kind of danced together."
Me: "Cool.  Did you have a good time?"
Son: "Yeah."

That was it!  All that worry and stress and that was it! Shorts were fine, dance was fine, friends and girls he danced with?  All fine.  Ok, then.  Guess we're good to go on the dance thing.

To honor this rite of passage in my son's life, here are a few of my favorite funny dance scenes:


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