Sunday, March 9, 2008


I Am Boymom is PR Friendly! Are you a PR representative for products? A creative person who hand crafts great stuff? Maybe an entrepenuer looking for new and innovative ways to promote your product? Please contact me!

I promise to give an honest opinion about any product I receive, that includes the good AND the bad. I will not mislead my readers. If a product does not work properly, I will say so. I do go out of my way, however to find as many positive aspects as possible about the product and I don't look forward to giving negative reviews, so as long as you have a decent product and can be realisitc about hearing an honest opinion, we should be able to work together.

If you have something I can give away to my readers, even better! I Am Boymom readers LOVE free things! I am more than happy to help get your product out in front of the masses!

Boymom welcomes Press Releases, but can not promise I will promote your item if it is not something I can test myself.

Because this is a family site, I ask that your product be family friendly.

Okay...there's all the preliminary business talk. Done and out of the way. Ready to get started? Send me an email via my Contact Page and we'll discuss your ideas in detail.

By the way...While Boymom does love her some comment love, I don't love comments posted soley to promote products and reserve the right to delete such comments. If you are gonna take the time to stop by and leave a comment, at least comment on what I wrote before you promote yourself for free on my blog! Deal?


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