Monday, March 10, 2008

Review Policy

My blog, I Am Boymom, is dedicated to giving honest and in depth, family friendly product reviews. As a mom, I know how important truthful and honest mom recommendations have been to my family, especially when it comes to how I spend my family's money!

I am always looking for super hip, cool, fun and unique items found exclusively in mom-owned and operated boutiques and shops, especially online stores! If you are local, and I can visit you, I would love to take some photos of the shop and/or the products you are wishing to have reviewed!

I am a communicator by nature. I love to give my opinion on anything and everything I come across! As a mother of 2 boys, I have opinions on everything! We are a pretty adventurous family when it comes to trying new things, so if you have something you think we’d like, and would like an honest review written up, please email me via my contact page.

If you have seen a product somewhere about which you would like an opinion, please let me know! I'm a major research person when it comes to making quality purchases at a great price and will scour every known source to ensure I am making an educated and informed purchase! If I am able to try out the item about which you are wondering, I will happily share my experience with you!

So exactly what kind of family will be doing your review?

I am a 45 year old mom of two boys (sometimes 3, depending on the maturity level of my hilarious 43 year old husband, which changes daily). Hubby and I have been married almost 12 years now. (Yeah...we started late in life.)

Big Brother is my computer/video game kid and is 10 years old. He eats, drinks and sleeps Star Wars, Star Wars Legos and Star Wars Clone Wars (yes, that's different than regular Star Wars.) He's also a big WWII history buff (he's wanted to be in the military since he was 2). He owns a seriously high number of army men. He's kicking our rears in Guitar Hero right now.

Little Man is 8 and full of energy and experiences life at a fast and furious pace. He was born in the car (ask me about it some time...I remember EVERY detail)! He loves sports and animals and exploring and hopes to be an archaeologist or a paleontologist one day. His pockets are always full of "treasures", which inevitably end up in the washer, the tub or my bed. Curiously, as dirty as the kid can get, he is really into fashion and cool hair. Never a dull moment with Little Man around.

Hubby loves anything historical or military (nope, never served) and is very strategic in his thinking. He is all about movies, movies and more movies, especially old westerns and films with lots of intrigue! He is really adept with video games, especially military type games. He works in the constuction field.

I am the computer/gadget person in my home. I love technology, even though I am sometimes challenged by it. Writing is truly my passion and I hope to be able to make a full-time career as a freelance writer some day. I love girly things, as I don't have a lot of opportunity with 3 men in the house to experience "chick" stuff. I adore antibacterial wipes as I spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning bathrooms due to an "aiming" issue that seems to be part of the male DNA code in my house.

You can visit my personal blog I Am Boymom for a more detailed look into our family life.
I Am Boymom has worked with companies such as RideMakerz and Disney.

So how do you get me to review your product? Just ask! Send me an email via my contact page!

Tell me in detail about your product or service! Be specific about the age group your item is geared toward, and make sure you include a link to your website! In order for us to review any products, I do require a sample of your item. I have to try it to write about it...right? Your sample will not be returned to you, and you are responsible for any/all postage and handling fees to get it to me. You will be contacted within 48 hours at the email/phone number you provide with instructions and an address where you can send your products for review or reader giveaways.

We are open to reviewing most anything that is family friendly, exciting, new, cool, tasty and fun, especially if it has particular relevance for boys! However, we have LOTS of girl cousins and of course, Boymom is female and needs some girly stuff once in awhile, so don't let the blog name keep you from considering my review services if you have a girl product.

We look forward to hearing about your items!


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