Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quickie Post for the Win!

Blogger Buster Competition Announcement

Hey All! Amanda @ Blogger Buster (whose site I just found and from whom I am learning sooo much!) is hosting a contest, with a really sweet prize package, which I am in need of winning, so this post is for that purpose! It is also to inspire the folks at Blogger with ideas about useful features we would like to have at our disposal.

Rules are as follows, taken directly from Amanda's contest page:

Write a post in your own blog explaining which feature (or features) you would most like to be able to use in Blogger, and why you would like to use it.

My suggestion or wish is for more template selections or an easy to follow, step-by-step process that would allow you to create you own template from lots of different elements by walking you through each step:

1. Choose background, upload background image.
2. Choose sidebar shape/image, upload sidebar image
3. Choose Header image, upload...
I hope I explained that clearly. This feature would be extremely useful for those of us who are new to Blogger and blogging in general, who don't want to wreck our blogs while trying to decorate them! Here is a wishlist from others that you can look through and vote on. Here's hopin' I bloggy needs a facelift!


Amanda said...

Thank you for your entry to the Blogger Wishlist Competition :)

The link from your comment didn't lead here, though luckily I was able to find your entry through your profile page instead.

I've added your entry to the list of entrants and wish you the best of luck for Friday's draw!

Best wishes and thank you for taking part :)


Kristi said...

I have been thinking about your "I use to be funny" blog entry a lot. Ya know...I use to be really funny too, and I still get pretty funny when I get in a group, but I am rarely that way with my family. I have decided to be more so after reading your post, and it has helped. Anyways...I have been reading this HILARIOUS blog and thought I would give you the link. she is a crack up. here's the link.

Kristi said...

I knew you would love it. We seem to have the same sort of sense of humor. And how funny that we are both night owls! It is my downfall. I feel ornery during the day, but late night is my ONLY time that I am truly alone. It is precious "alone" time and worth it to be tired the next day. Here's to being Ornery and cranky! :)

I am Boymom said...

You are truly a kindred spirit. It is 2:17 am and I am typing tomorrow's post because it is the only time I can unwind without anybody tugging at me! Yes...orneriness abounds at my house some days, thank gosh the kids are out of school and we are sleeping a bit later these days, every little bit helps!

Tracey said...

I would LOVE to be able to make a template myself. I don't lack the CREATIVE gene, just the technological one...

I am Boymom said...

Same here Tracey! I need to go back to school to re-edumicate myself, so I can learn how to use this intercomputer webnet thingy better. I'm hopin' to take some classes this fall.

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