Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Blog Needs More Cowbell

I know I have been postless for a week or so. Sorry. Life just got overwhelming and the blog had to suffer. But I am back, and I am a little less depressed and I appreciate all of the kind words and support you, my bloggy friends, have offered. It helped. Seriously. Someday I will share more. Just know for now that it helped.

On another note...did you ever see the SNL skit with Christopher Walken (he is the WEIRDEST, funniest dude!) about Cowbell? Watch it here before you read any further.

SNL Cowbell - The most popular videos are here

Now look to your right at the top of the middle cloumn here on my blog. See that button? My blog needs more Cowbell. So does my life. So that's what I will be working on in the next few months. More Cowbell.

I know. It's weird that I'm taking advice from Christopher Walken and Will Ferrill. It's deep. Take the rest of the afternoon and let it sink in...that's what I'm gonna do, while I try not to think about Will's muffin top hanging out of his shirt in that video.
More. Cowbell.


Anonymous said...


One of my all time favorite skits.....hairy muffin top and all!

Thanks for a laugh today :-)

Great blog....I will be back for a visit!

3boys247 said...

I love the cowbell skit! My blog needs some more cowbell too.

amy said...

There is no such thing as "too much cowbell" in my opinion. The fact that you recognize this is the very reason why we love you and your blog so much! Please email me. We need to catch up.

amy @ boymom designs

Patricia said...

oh my! now I NEED cowbell to! How in the world am I going to get some back here in Spain????

Trisha said...

I'm was laughing so hard when I watched this video. Will Ferell is always a hoot. Just wanted you to know that I went to a hockey game and thought of you and your blog entry!

You continue to crack me up!
Miss your white butt!

Patricia said...


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