Thursday, February 19, 2009

Headed to the High Country!

  • Tank full of gas: $40.00

  • Slim Jims, Pork Rinds, Bug Juice and Soda for the drive: $16.00

  • Batteries for Camera: $4.00

  • 2 hours in the car listening to 2 boys argue and complain, convincing oldest that it will be fun playing in the snow and that he would not die if he falls, then playing in snow for just under an hour before everyone was too cold to have fun anymore because no one would wear their thermals or boots...


We do not do spontaneous well.


4funboys said...

brrrrrrr... I'm a CALI girl... give me sun or I'm a mess. sure looks like you're all having fun though

Kristi said...

WAY fun...minus all the complaining that is.

Birdie said...

oooo chilly chilly! My toes would freeze off for sure. I'm glad you had fun and shared the pic though! So here I am scoping your blog for signs of this political bloggy you were telling me you had but I don't see it. Give it up girly! I gotta have the address so I can share it at the tippy top of the maple!

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