Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Going to the Type-A Mom Conference!!

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Woot Woot! I won I won I won!! Thanks to MomSelect I am going to attend the Type-A Mom Conference this year! I won an event ticket and so now I am working on how to get the travel and lodging portion of the trip taken care of!! I have been blogging for over a year now and circumstances have kept me from attending various other conferences that I have wanted to attend, so the gloves are off now and I am fighting for this one!!

I'm still working out the whole "getting a sponsor" stragtegy, but thought I might start with just ASKING! Up until a few months ago I might have been too proud to do this, but I am desperate now, SO...I am looking for sponsors. I will tell you up front that I am not good at asking for help. I am good at whining and complaining sometimes and am really good at letting my issues get the better of me, but am working really, really hard to get out of those habits. One of the things that I have realized is that when I tell the people around me that I am trying to bring good changes to my life, most people are willing to offer assistance if they are in a position to do so. So I am trying to overcome my aversion to asking for help. And it seems like this is as good a time as any to start.

So if you own a business or have a product that you would like to showcase at the Type-A Mom Conference and you would like to sponsor me, this is what I will do to help get your name out there in front of all the professional and part-time bloggers who will be attending:

I will wear a t-shirt or carry a canvas bag with your logo on it (or both), and I could even wear a hat. I will familiarize myself with your product or business so I can answer questions about it and hand out swag at the conference. I will blog about you, your company and your product on both my personal and product review blogs, as well as include a sidebar button and a sponsor ad on my blog. I will use Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter and whatever other social networking sites I can to promote your company/product and I will take pictures galore of me at the conference with your product.

If you read my blog, you can see I am pretty forthcoming about my life, my kids, my issues. One thing I can honestly say is that blogging has really changed my life. It brought me from kind of a dark, stuck place back into the world. Now I have a desire to better my life. Blogging helped me recognize where some of my talents and skills lie, but I feel like there is so much more I could do to improve my family's circumstances, both financially and emotionally, if I can take some time to work with some professional internets and social media mavens to learn the skills I am lacking. I know with some guidance I can bring some really positive growth to our lives.

So I am pretty motivated to make this whole confernece thing work. Which means that the person or company who decides to sponsor me will benefit my drive and desire to overcome any challenge that would keep me from being at Type-A Mom Conference.

They would also benefit from my gratitude, as I would make sure I pound into my family's heads the fact that we were able to become the successful family we desire to be because (insert your company's name here) sponsored me and sent me to the conference that changed our lives. Imagine watching Oprah 20 years from now, while she interviews 2 wildly successful young men. She asks them how they became so successful and their response? (Insert your company's name here) sponsored my mom at this blog conference and when she came back she was filled with all of this wonderful knowledge and skills and motivation and it really changed the dynamic in our home. We (Insert your company name here) really was instrumental in bringing about the success of our family and Big Brother and I are really grateful that (insert your company name here) offered my mom the opportunity to become the person she wanted to be so she could help us become who we wanted to be!" Can you even comprehend the magnitude of lifetime promotion? I KNOW!!! I am excited just thinking about it!

I know, I'm babbling. Hope you'll consider me as a worthy candidate to help promote your product in return for a sponsorship to the Type-A Mom Conference on September 24th. I'll stop now. After I say thanks for considering a sponsorship. It truly would mean the world to me.


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