Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Kid May Be Part Cling-on

Little Man's home sick this weekend, which is not fun. Because truth be told, he's REALLY needy and clingy when he's sick. He doesn't just lay on the couch and sleep it off. He talks about how sick he is constantly and asks for a fresh cup of water every 5 minutes. He wants to try to eat all day, even when he just threw up 10 minutes ago. He's just...needy. I love that he loves his Mom. And I love that he's a cuddlebug that still needs lots of hugs. And I don't mind giving him some extra love and attention when he is sick. I don't even mind rocking him in my lap for awhile. We're a huggy family.

But when Little Man gets sick he goes into cuddle overdrive. He's like that icky black stuff that turned into the evil SpiderMan suit that killed Topher Grace in SpiderMan 3. (That sounded bad. Keep reading so you don't think I'm saying Little Man is evil!) He attaches himself to you and won't let go!! You literally have to PEEL him off of you and the whole time you're peeling his feverish, sweaty little body from yours, he's reattaching every free limb and holding on for dear life like he's about to be tossed out into the ocean or something! DUDE! I just wanna go answer the phone, I'll be right back! Just sit here on the couch for a minute! Yeah...he can be that bad when he's not feeling good.

So it was a HUGE blessing that we received a product to review last week, because it has helped to keep Little Man somewhat occupied while he is sick this weekend. Thank you Fisher Price and MomSelect! You SAVED me from having a sick kid permanently molded to me and you gave my Little Man something to focus on besides his illness. (Pics were before he got sick...he does NOT look that happy right now!)

Check out What Would Boymom Buy for a TRIO Building Set review and giveaway. There's a link there for a $5 off coupon too! Make sure you leave a comment to try to win a set for your kids!!

While you do that, I'm gonna try to extricate myself from my son and go get lunch started for the rest of us.

Have a good Labor Day Weekend!


Kristi said...

Sick kids can drive you crazy! Glad that you got something to entertain things always make one happy. :)

Birdie said...

who knew toys would be such a blessing. Poor little guy! Sissy's got this nasty canker sore and she shows it to me about every ten minutes, asking if it's bigger *sigh*.

Lynette said...

It's so sad when the kids are sick. Mine is the opposite..."leave me alone, no I don't want anything." It is a blessing in some ways, but I hate it when he feels that way. normally he likes to be cuddled and "messed with".

Lynette said...

I posted on my blog..

Lynette said...

I also Tweeted about the Trio Building I have a limit on what I can win??

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