Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is This How I Look to Other People?

I am posting this picture, despite my dislike for pictures of myself, because some of my blog friends don't know what I look like. Who is this Boymom person? Why does she hide from us? Ummm...because I see pictures like this and decide to spare my readers exposure to my arm flab and general roundness? Yeah - your welcome.

So here I am in all my glory, with Darlene, the kick-butt garden lady who takes care of my Grandpa in Idaho. See how that tomato is dwarfed in the presence of my massive girth? Too much flesh for the internet, people. Me...too much flesh on me. Not the tomato. Or Darlene.

I wonder if some search engine will pull this post up as porn because of the flesh references. That would be a crappy surprise for someone who clicked on my blog and thought they were gonna see something sexy...a fat chick, an elderly woman and a tomato. Hope we made your day! Bwuah ha ha ha!!


Patricia said...

you ROCK!
I love you, I think you look COOL and I looooove your hair.
The lady is just adorable.
And the tomato is goodlooking too.
I just want more pictures of you, please. It was great to see you again and see that you are still the wonderful you I met in Spain.

Kristi said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can relate...TOTALLY! Most of my pictures I am hiding behind my husbands wheelchair. You are a riot. went to Spain?

Banner said...

It's the camera, it did the same thing to me, remember? The fishing picture where even the chipmunk agreed it was the camera that made my butt look bigger than it really is. Yeah--------that's what it is, the camera.

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