Friday, July 2, 2010

Geri Geri Quite Contrary...

This is how my garden is growing:

Okay, okay.  It's not a garden, it's two freaking plants in some pots.  But this is the furthest we've ever gotten with growing anything around our house, so we're actually kind of proud of ourselves!  I'm a little worried about the Pumpkin plant (the one with the big leaves).   It started out gangbusters.  But in the last few days we lost one whole offshoot and soemthing is eating the heck out of the leaves.  It's looking kind of weak and droopy. Not near as big and lovely as the picture. 

The watermelon plant seems to be doing fine, though!  We'll see if we actually get any melons off it in a few months.  This whole gardening thing?  Can be kind of stressful.  I spend more time worrying about these plants than I do about my kids some days! 


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