Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kung Zhu Pets Are...Totally Ninja!

A while back Mom Select and Cepia LLC gave my family the opportunity to try out Zhu Zhu Pets before they hit the stores.  They were a hit, to be sure, and so were my boys because we got to check out the Hamsters before they were even in stores! 

This year we were again honored and grateful to be able to check out the newest line of Hamsters.  They're called Kung Zhu pets and can I just say?  They really rock!  I am so glad that Cepia took the time to actually think about what boys like and need in the way of play.  Because while they really enjoyed the original Zhu Zhu pets?  Khung Zhu pets immediately brought out the "boy" in them and they took a whole new interest in the robotic hamsters! 

So why are Khung Zhu pets so much more attractive to the boys?  Take a look:

Cool boy colors

ninja body armor

wicked armored combat vehicles

and an amazingly challenging training course!

Oh yeah...and the battle arena!!   

I mean seriously...if I'm a boy?  What's not to like!?   Big Brother, my military guy,  gets to strategize and make battle plans and work out his aggressions in the battle arena with some really cool looking little hamster dudes.  Kung Zhus come in two groups:  Special Forces and Ninja Warriors.  Big Bro always, ALWAYS takes Special Forces and makes his little brother be the Ninja.   He figures out which armor works best with which hamster warrior and experiments with different training course designs.  Little Man gets to know each hamster's quirks and personalities and he loves to find out which part of the obstacle course works best for each hamster.  He gets to know each Kung Zhu's speech pattern and often tries to get our cat involved in his play, hoping Blackie Chan will pull some sweet Ninja moves himself. 

So we had a neighborhood party and invited some good friends over to help us try out Kung Zhu Pets and see them in action!  I let the kids put the track together this time.  All by themselves.  No help from the adults.  And they did it.  Then after the obstacle course was put together (took 4 boys about an hour), everybody joined in the fun, taking turns racing their Kung Zhus through the course and then having the Battle of all Battles in the Battle Arena. 

As you can see, the entire set is quite large, so you need a space where it can kind of stay once it's put together.  I just left mine in what was supposed to be the formal living room since we have no real  furniture in there right now anyway.  It's actually becoming more of a game room I guess.  The good thing is you can purchase the accessories separately and kind of  grow into the set one piece at a time.  Our Kung Zhu course gets rearranged weekly, depending on which friends are over, so I guess it's good they have lots of space to redesign!  Future Engineers of America!!  

Cepia LLC has done a great job re-engineering the original Zhu Zhu pet to create something that appeals to boys. Kung Zhu definitely made a big impression in my much so that we had almost a whole summer with no "Star Wars" talk!  I know!  So thanks, Cepia.  You've helped me out on sooooo many levels!  

**Disclosure:   I was not compensated monetarily for this post.  I did receive Kung Zhu Pets and an obstacle course from MomSelect and Cepia LLC in order to host a Kung Zhu party and facilitate this review.** 


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