Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things I Heard While Waiting for my Kids at School

Conversation #1
Girl: Justin Bieber sucks. 
Girl's friend who apparently loves Justin Bieber: No, you suck.
Different kid:  Seriously?  Justin Bieber totally sucks!  He's lame! He looks like a girl!
Bieber Fan Girl (almost crying):  You guys are lame.  Justin Bieber is so awesome.
Random Mom standing next to me:  Justin Bieber does suck.  I hate that kid.
Me (Laughing):  Yep.  Glad I have boys so I don't have to listen to him. 
Random Mom:  Lucky. 

Conversation #2
Kid:  Dude!  Your legs are really hairy!
Other Kid:  Dude, I know!  It's weird.  They just started getting that way during the summer. 
Kid:  Dude!  You gotta shave that!  It's nasty!
Other Kid:  Dude!  Guys don't shave their legs, what's wrong witchu?  
Kid: look like a gorilla.  
Other Kid:  Man, shut up! You're just jealous that you ain't a man yet, like me.   
Kid:  Dude.  You're 12.  You ain't no man yet either.  
Other kid:  Whatever dude.
3rd Kid:  I'm the only man around here.  I got a 'stache.  Now what? 
Kid:  Dude...that's just some peach fuzz.  That ain't no mustache.
Me:  Dude.  Quit hatin'. He's 12 and he's already got dark, manly facial hair.  That's pretty impressive. 

Conversation #3
Girl, halfway to car:  Mom, I gotta go to the bathroom.
Mom:  Honey!  Why didn't go before we got to the car?  
Girl:  I didn't have to go then!
Mom:  You didn't have to go 2 minutes ago, but you have to go now?
Girl:  Yeah.  Bad.  I have to go bad.
Mom:  Fine.  Hurry up!  (Heads back to sidewalk then looks at me as daughter runs to the bathroom)  She does this every day!  You'd think I'd figure out to ask her before we head to the car!  
Me:  I know. Mine does the same thing.  See ya later!  (heads to car with my kids who just walked up)
My Son, halfway to car:  Mom, I gotta go pee.  
Me:  Seriously?  How come you didn't go before you met me at the gate?
My Son:  I forgot.  I gotta go, Mom.  Really Bad. 
Me:  Fine.  Hurry UP!!  (looks at 1st Mom as we walk back to the sidewalk) what were we talking about? 


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