Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soft Scrub Total Review and Giveaway

Hey Bloggy Friends...guess what!?  Soft Scrub sent me a new cleaner to try out...Soft Scrub Total All-Purpose with Bleach. 

And it couldn't have come at a better time, as I am in the midst of a major purge at home and working like a madwoman in between my new job and family stuff to get organized and have a really clean home.  (Is that laughing I hear in the background?  Do NOT mock my attempts to turn over a new leaf this year, friends.  I am in the midst of a major life change and this year is going to prove that.  It might take me all 12 months to make it happen, but I promise you will see major changes from Boymom on or before December 31, 2011.)

So what does this new found desire for change have to do with Soft Scrub Total?   Well...first off, it's makes cleaning a lot easier for someone like me who doesn't like to clean.  One cleaner for the entire bathroom (or kitchen, or garage, or whatever you need to clean).  I can do the toilet, the shower, the counters, the sink and even clean the mirrors with one cleaner.  I love that I can switch from spray to foam and can even spray the bottle upside down to get under the toilet rim.



I've found it to be a really good cleaner that gets baked-on, caked-on soap scum and other icky stuff quickly so I can get back to blogging!  Whoo-hoo!

I tried the Soft Scrub Total Bathroom cleaner awhile back and really liked it, but I like the fact that this  Soft Scrub Total All Purpose cleaner has bleach in it, especially when it comes to killing germs and such in the grubbier areas of the house, like the bathrooms.  I also used it to wipe down the heavily touched areas of the house, like light switches, the doorbell, the button to open the garage door, the door handles, etc.  You know...the places that are covered with kid prints where all the killer germs congregate to await a victim with a weak immune system.

I am very happy with how well the Total All Purpose cleaner worked, but I have to say...the fumes were a bit strong in the one bathroom without a window.  Even with the little exhaust fan going, I was momentarily overpowered by the strong bleach odor and had to let it dissapate a bit before I could return to the cleaning.  My husband says I have an overdeveloped sense of smell though and the smell of bleach didn't bother him at all, so...maybe it's just me.  I didn't have the same problems in the other 2 bathrooms, as long as I had a window opened in both for ventilation. 

Wanna try it for yourself?  I have 2 sets of 2 coupons each good for FREE Soft Scrub Total, so you can stock up and try a few different kinds. Just leave a comment about your least favorite cleaning chore!  Contest ends on Saturday March 5th at 12 midnight PST.  US Residents only.

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*Disclosure:  I was not compensated monetarily for this post.  I am a Soft Scrub Club Captain, which means I receive free product from Soft Scrub in return for my reviews.* 


johnsonteammom said...

I already follow you, so that is one entry. I love Soft Scrub already and the smell of bleach is just my thing, I love it, you know that. I appreciate having one item that cleans everything because with a family my size, I can't have 10 different products in the bathroom, where would we store all the toilet paper?

The Sports Mama said...

My least favorite cleaning chore? Does just "cleaning" count? :)

And I have to tell you, I'm impressed. Not even my OCD mother-in-law cleans her doorbells.

I think. I'm probably going to check that next time I go over there. Maybe leave a big smudge of something or other on her doorbell.

Hehehe... that might be kind of fun, actually. >:) And yes, I am all shades of evil.

Melanie said...

Ha ha! When I first read the line about comments I thought it said "your favorite cleaning chore!" and I thought my favorite? Is she crazy? BUT, my LEAST favorite chore is cleaning toilets. Especially in the boys' bathroom. blecccccccck

johnsonteammom said...

Ha ha, I didn't notice the part about least favorite chore. I guess mine would be mopping the floor...anywhere, but especially in the bathroom.

Miss Hope said...

I follow you! I despise bathroom floors. Yuck yuck yuck. I've been a fan of soft scrub for years. My favorite use for it I've found is to get road grime and smooshed bugs off of a vehicle when I'm cleaning cars. Doesn't mess with the paint job! Score!

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