Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Gift FAIL

Here's what my husband gave me for my birthday today-

Sunflowers are one of my most favorite flowers.  I absolutely adore them.

Here's what I gave him for his birthday last week -

His gift was so romantic and thoughtful.  Mine was really practical and well...NOT romantic. 

I think I need to regroup for Father's Day and try again.


johnsonteammom said...

I'm the worst with giving practical gifts. I think I am too stingy with my money to buy things that are just fun or kind. Ben knows it too because I've only been given flowers once or twice for any occassion because I always tell them they are just going to die in a few days anyway. I don't think it was such a bad thing. Would he have liked flowers? I think no.

johnsonteammom said...

And...Happy Birthday. The FB gods did not make this known to me so I'm glad I saw your post.

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