Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yo cookie looks goooood!

Little Man saw me working on my new blog, at home in {Boise}, yesterday and asked me to show him the post about our Christmas cookies so he could look at his Scary Santa cookie again.  It hurt his feelings that I never posted the pics of our cookie decorating adventures with my new bestie, Jen Across the Street.  That's what I call her.  Because her name is Jen and she lives across the street. And she's a hoot.  And she's a great neighbor who always thinks about others and actually acts on her thoughts.  She also cooks really good food, which adds to the great neighbor feature, because she is one of those women who makes extra of whatever she's cooking and then shares it with us.  I aspire to be like her one day.

She invited us over right before Christmas to decorate Christmas Cookies.  I was thrilled, because that meant I didn't have to bake cookies myself, plus I love hanging out with Jen.  We get a lot of talking done when we are together and I always leave her house feeling like I have a kindred spirit.  Okay...back to the cookies.  Jen totally outdid herself, because she made about 8000 cookies.  Okay - I exaggerate.  But there were a lot of cookies.  And a lot of decorations.  Cool cookie decorations.  Jen likes to be creative and she inspired me to do something fun and creative with my cookies.  So, without further ado, here are our 2011 Christmas Cookies...

What is it with boys and scary things?  He wanted to make a "Scary Santa."  I have to was pretty scary!

The little colored lights?  Were actually candy coated chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  I told you Jen had some cool cookie decorations!  They worked so well for the christmas light look.  Too bad they did not taste as good as they looked.  Seriously weird tasting little confections. 

These were just a few of my favorite cookies.  We actually decorated about 2 dozen cookies apiece.  Around midnight Jen and I realized we were running out of ideas and motivation and finally quit, even though she had another eleventy billion undecorated cookies waiting to be iced. 

So she sent us home with all of our creations and you know how I repaid her?  I accidently melted the plastic platter that she lent me to carry the cookies home.  I left it sitting on top of the stove that night and because my stupid rental stove is about 9000 years old, when the oven heats up all the burners get really hot too.  Which I did not realize, because I usually don't leave plastic platters on the stovetop.  So when I started to preheat the stove the next day, I couldn't figure out why I was smelling burnt plastic.  Then I picked up the platter, which was kind of stuck to the burner.  Nice.

But as I said, my new bestie really rocks.  When I saw her that afternoon I sheepishly handed her the platter and explained what happened and she laughed.  Really hard.  And THAT is why we are friends. 


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