Sunday, August 24, 2008

The State of my Home

BandanaMom wants to play a game where we all post photos of our homes for decorating ideas and suggestions. I laughed out loud at the thought of taking pictures of my home because I am domestically challenged. Mostly because I am housecleaning challenged. If I could ever keep the house clean for longer than half a day, I might be able to progress to decorating. I am 44 and have yet to master the art of homemaking when it comes to keeping a clean and orderly home. I do well to keep a home where you can walk from the front door to the family room without killing yourself.

So BandanaMom's challenge kind of irritated me. Her challenge kind of stuck in my mind as I walked around my house that day. It made me get out my carpet cleaner and actually shampoo my family room carpets. Now the rest of my house looks like crap next to the clean carpet, so guess what? I have to do more!

So I cleaned off the table, which my mom said I would never be able to do. I took a picture as proof.

Then I vacuumed under the sofas and mopped the kitchen floor and did 2 loads of dishes and wiped down the entire kitchen. All because Bandana Mom wants to play a "Post your Pics for Comments" game! Dang, girl! See what you did? Quit makin' me care about my dang house! You are so fired right now, Lezlee! This is seriously cutting in to my blog reading time.

P.S. - here are some pics of my family room with possible color choices. Whatchya think?


HappyHourSue said...

Wow- how did you change the wall colors like that? I'd go with the green.

Bandana Mom has power!

About the Hot Blogger post: i was having boob remorse. Thought if my mom saw it she would say it was 'unseemly" (she loves her 50's vocab)

The Mrs. said...

I love the green! I like all three color choices but the green really stands out.

4funboys said...

I love the blue... but that's just all the boys rubbin' off on me!

love the couch by the way!

Dawn said...

I am house keeping challenged, too. I blame it on my little guys. lol! I love the green. We just painted my kitchen that color.

Miss Hope said...

The thought of picking colors out terrify me! Makes me love military housing even more. Keep the walls white and have stock in magic eraser (the 4 year old ensures that).

You've almost convinced me to do something crazy like clean a table off. Almost.

Queen of Chaos said...


Hey, you have to thank her in a teeney tiny probably wouldn't have done all that cleaning if Lezlee didn't get you going.... so it's a good thing, right? Right?

I like the green for sure. :)

Birdie said...

Congrats! *laugh* Hey, that table reminds me of the around table "family meeting"! Cool! I thought yellow looked warm & inviting & the blue looked modern. Depends on what you're looking for. Isn't it funny how something little gets you all motivated? You should visit!

HeatherPride said...

I kinda like the purple!

Anonymous said...

Did you make that table look clean by some magic stuff you do on the computer? Your Mother. Like the walls? If you can make the walls a different color, maybe you can make the clutter on the table disappear. Now you need to hotwire it so nobody can get within 5 feet of it. Even tho a cluttered table is a family tradition it usually ends around the time you hit your 60's. Something to look forward to. That's because you're too feeble to eat at the dinner table anymore. They just bring it to your recliner on a T.V. tray and put a deal on you (shower curtain) like at the beauty shop. The table then becomes a place for your medical insurance payments and meds. Remember Grandma's?

I am Boymom said...

Thanks for all of the input, I am really stuck on the colors. I agree with Birdie about the yellow and the blue, but am normally drawn to greens. I love the whole earth/sky thing with the browns and blues though. And yellow is always so sunny and inviting!

Laughing about the mafia husband loves mafia movies. I'll have to come up with a good wise guy name for him.

Anon (MOM) - You crack me up! No tricks, I really cleaned it. It's still fairly clean. Amazing! I do remember Grandma's table. You could flip it over and play poker on it!

Cynthia said...

You crack me up. I couldn't take pictures of my house, and there was no inspiration to mop under the couches. So . . . yay for you!

johnsonteammom said...

Why clean? My kids are going to mess it up again the minute they walk through the door.

I like brown for walls, it hides the dirt. Of course, I thought that was a good idea for my carpet too, now it just looks black:)

Did Tracie H. find you? I gave her your blog website. She misses you and the kids miss your kids.

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