Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - New Boots

Sorry for the cruddy pic, it's a cell phone pic. No photo manipulating programs on this laptop and for some reason was having problems with Photobucket. Anywhoo...

He got new boots.

He wouldn't take them off all day.

We got lots of looks from people.

He didn't care.

Little Man LOVES him some new boots!


HeatherPride said...

My little guy LOVES his boots too! Wears them with shorts, just like yours! So cute!

Miss Hope said...

Boys and boots are just a given. It's a love affair that lasts long after a pair have been outgrown. My boy is 4 and on his fourth pair. Can I just say that what feels like 100 degree weather + boots makes me hot just looking at him!

Birdie said...

I love his little boots too!

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