Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boymom Blogoversary Giveaway Bash - Walmart Gift Card!

Day 2 of my Blogoversary Party and I am havin' a good time! How 'bout you!?!

I've been reminiscing about the beginning days of my blog. One of my first posts was about the heat. Cause I started the blog about this time last year. When it was hot. Like it is now. Which made me remember how much I hate the heat. Which made me remember that post. Which made me think about having to go to the store today, which led to this giveaway. Did you follow all of that? Keep reading, eventually it wall all make sense.

Many of you who know me personally know I am not big on shopping. Of any kind. I do it because I have to and every once in awhile I get an inkling to go look around and do a bit of fun shopping, but it's just not an "I have to shop or I'll die" kind of thing with me. Maybe it has to do with lack of spendable cash. Maybe it has to do with not liking my current body. Maybe I'm just a really impatient person who doesn't like to deal with busy stores and crazy parking lots. Probably it has ALOT to do with summer heat and me not wanting to do anything that requires me to fry my brain by being out in it.

The good news is that I know many of you LOVE to shop and while this next gift is not a ton of money, it will at least get you in the door and back out with something in your bag from Wal-Mart. It's A $10 WalMart giftcard - just enough to buy a few cartons of ice cream or some squirt guns or neck coolies to help you cool down this summer.

Leave a comment about the funniest thing you have ever seen at Wal-mart or whatever you feel like commenting about and you can win the $10 Wal-mart giftcard!

Contest ends on Monday June 1st, winner will be announced on June 2nd!


Melanie said...

Woo Hoo! Happy Blog-O-Versary!! Did you know WalMart is giving away FREE ice cream this Saturday (May 30) from 11 - 4? One treat per person, while supplies last :)

Melissa said...

Happy Blogoversary! I hate the heat, too- and I always ask myself why I live in AZ about this time of year (or in August with 110 degree weather!)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Birdie said...

wow - what's up with the asian writing? Anyway am I too late for the wal-mart card contest? I lurve me some wal-mart!

Carissa said...

I don't think many Wal-mart trips can beat the ones I made while living in a small rural town in Virgina. Wal-mart was the only thing we had. It was the hang out, well, along with the truck stop ten miles up the highway. Wal-Mart wasn't even in our town, it was in the next town over. For one thing, you could not go there without seeing someone else from school. Late nights and early mornings were the best. The strangest people were there. We are talking mullet loving, gun carrying, confederate flag waving Virginians. I wish I had pictures to show you some of the people we encountered. The contrast between the locals and the kids from Washington and Lee (a local private school attended by only those with family money and yachts, which by the way, is not where I was attending school), was comedic. Nothing can beat the people we saw at that Wal-mart, or the fact that we went there to entertain ourselves because there was nothing else around.

Ladie4x4 said...

Wal-Mart..... Well one thing I have learned living forever away from a matter how desperate you are DO NOT go to Wal Mart on the weekend out here.....those Sun City'ens will run you over and have you for breakfast. I don't know about the funniest thing I ever saw at Wal-Mart but the scariest was a little old lady that could barley see over her cart and still driving it. Makes you wonder how she drives a car????

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