Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jessica Biel and I have the Same Problem

Jessica Biel is having a hard time in Hollywood. Apparently Jessica believes "that being too good-looking can be a problem for an actress."

I KNOW!! I had the same problem, Jessica! That's why I moved to the desert and destroyed my looks and body by having 2 kids and then let go of my personal trainer and dietician. Funny thing though...even with mom body and normal looks, I still get no calls from casting directors or movie producers. What's up with that?


Melanie said...

Yea, I really feel sorry for her. (not!) Her perceived problems have NOTHING to do with her choices, do they? OH, no, it must be because others are jealous of her LOOKS (HA) . . . (I liked her on 7th Heaven and thought she turned into a whiny, self-indulgent brat of an actress by the middle of the series.)

Birdie said... you crack me up! I just finished cleaning the kids bathroom ('nuff said)then read some stupee tweets complaining about prop 8 from twits who rant about having to read other people's political tweets(go figure) so I needed a good laugh.

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