Friday, June 26, 2009

The Community Fort/Clubhouse

Community clubhouse/fort that all the boys in the neighborhood work on every day:

(Yes, it's just a big hole they dug in the desert just west of my house.)

Some current members of the community club:

Neighborhood resident seeking membership in community club:

Not picture of actual snake in our hole, but very accurate representation...I was too afraid to take a picture of the actual snake in the hole, as it was very aggressive, so I ran home like a baby with the two boys in tow.)

Current members now contemplating resignation from community club:


Carissa said...

We so had a fort like that in the empty lot next to my grandparents house. Many many good memories come from that good ole dirt pile fort!

Ladie4x4 said...

You are right.....that is not the snake that wanted to join are neighborhood. I took a shovel and a bb pellet to that snakes head.....

The boys have been working on that fort forever!!!!! A perfect home for any snake needing a home.

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