Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Go Go Pets Engineers are Wicked Cool Dudes

Okay...don't you just love it when people and companies do the right thing for their consumers? I KNOW! ME TOO! It's such a rarity these days that when a company does step up to fix a problem, it's almost shocking. Like..."Really? You're actually gonna take care of my issue without a huge fight?!"

Well, that happened to me today. I KNOW! How great is that? And I didn't even have to ask for the help. The company actually took the time to track me down! I KNOW!!! And because Cepia, LLC was so awesome? I have to share it. Because I want people to know that good companies with good people working for them still exist. I want my readers to know that they can have confidence in Cepia toys, because their engineers actually listen to what consumers say about their products and the issues that come with them. And then - get this - the engineers actually go and fix the issue. I KNOW!! HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THAT?!!

So here's the whole story...we recieved a Go Go Pets Hamster to review, along with the little Adventure Trail thing for the Hamsters, which included a little ball that you put them in that they roll around the house. Well, if you read my review (which you could do NOW), you would already know that the ball thing kept coming apart, which was frustrating, so I Super Glued it, which left ugly little Super Glue marks everywhere, but it worked.

Today I got this email:
Mrs. Boymom,

We noticed your post regarding the Hamsters and saw that you were having trouble with the Adventure Ball. That was a clever solution to use super glue.

We have lengthened the locking posts on the Adventure Ball to address any problems with the ball popping apart and I would love to know how this ball compares to the one you have now.

If you are interested in checking it out, I could ship one to you. I would just need a shipping address.

(Wicked Cool Engineer Dude who loves to address Consumer Concerns)

That's not his real name, of course, but I think that is what I will call him from now on. And I was clever for using Super Glue, wasn't I? And how fun is it that he addressed me as Mrs. Boymom?!! I think I'm gonna officially change my name to that now! And how lame is it that all my vernacular for really great stuff is total 90's? Ima hafta up my game when it comes to killa phat slang! Or something like that.

Anyway...So why I am so excited about this? It took me a minute to figure it out too. It's because it is really refreshing to find a company who actually holds itself accountable for its products! I guess I can be somewhat negative as a comsumer...remember - I'm still working on overcoming the glass half empty thing. It's just that we all work hard for our money and when it is spent on junk that falls apart and the company who sells it doesn't wanna make it right? Well, it stinks! And seriously, how many of us have had our fill of those kind of cruddy experiences with toy manufacturers that could care less about a disappointed kid and a consumer's wasted money?

Cepia has restored a bit of my faith! Wicked Cool Engineer Dude took the initiative to address my problem. That never happens. At least not to me.

So yeah...I'm shocked and excited and grateful and happy to share my Cepia LLC experience with other moms and dads. I hope you will consider their products (like Go Go Pets Hamsters)when you are looking for new play items for your kids. Tell 'em Boymom sent you. They won't know what that means and you won't get anything for free. But it made me feel really cool to say that just now. Like maybe it could mean something to someone...someday.

I received the new Adventure Ball last week and after initial assembly and numerous tests, the new ball is holding up extremely well, without the use of Super Glue! Wicked Cool Engineer Dude (and his wicked cool associates) did a good job with the changes they made to the design. The ball holds together well and even managed a quick trip on the treadmill. I also noticed the improved version came with a little stabilizer thing that attaches to the hamster to help it keep from tipping over while it's rolling the ball all over the house. The stabilizer thing worked pretty well and eliminated all but the occasional tip over. I want to thank Cepia for taking the time to listen to their consumers and make adjustments to products to ensure that their customers are getting their money's worth!


MoziEsmé said...

Way to go, Cepia... We could use more companies like that. And that hamster thing looks fun...

Miss Hope said...

Nice. I'm with you...companies that act like they should get good reviews and amazing shout outs.

Kristi said...

SO nice when companies actually care about their products. Go figure...that is SO rare these days.

Anonymous said...

That's amazing that some human actually got back to you!! I can't believe it!!! Will look for items made by their company.

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