Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Summer Fun

We didn't do a lot of vacationing this summer, funds are way too tight! But we did take the time to go see my mom in the White Mountain area of Arizona. Can I just say how nice it was not to sweat the minute I walked out the door while we were there? I feel like a walking armpit right now in Phoenix with this blast furnace type heat!

The boys really enjoyed the weather there too, but found it difficult at first to figure out how to amuse themselves with no other little neighbor kids to play with. We have a neighborhood FULL of little boys so there's rarely a shortage of playmates!

Anyway...Mom has a wonderful garden, which many of the little woodland creatures like to visit, so they have live traps set up around the compound to keep the critters at bay. Little Man stepped up and took over security duty for a few days and did trap checks every so often. He scored a very angry little chipmunk who had chewed the blossom off of a would be melon and then got himself stuck in the trap. Grandpa took over deportation duties and the chipmunk was promptly relocated to a new location down the road.

We found another little chipmunk while we were fishing, he was a hungry little dude and had an amazing internal clock, as he appeared right at lunchtime! We shared some lunch and fished for awhile.


Actually, Big Brother, Grandma and I fished for awhile and caught nothing. Little Man, who could not sit still and who snagged his line on the bottom of the lake numerous times by constantly reeling in his line, causing us to have to restring his pole every 15 minutes, was the only one who caught a fish. Go figure.

I didn't get a photo. Of course. We had no net and I was trying to keep the fish on shore while Grandma got a bag to put him in. Little Man was FURIOUS that we didn't get to take him home, not understanding that a 4 hour drive in the hot sun would result in a stinky, dead fish.

Props and thanks to Grandma for taking the fish cleaning duty so she could show the boys how to take care of their future catches. I hate doing that crap.

So, aside from the massive, blistered sunburn I obtained at the lake because the sun did NOT FEEL HOT at all and I forgot the suncreen, it was a nice trip! Other than the forgotten suitcase. I forgot my suitcase. No clean clothes or underwear. Was too busy making sure my kids had videos and Playstations for the drive there. You know, the important stuff. You know what the amazing thing about that all was? I didn't sweat the whole time I was there, so my clothes were actually wearable for more than half a day! I did end up going to Wal-mart for a change of clothes and underwear after almost 3 days though.

It made me want to move away from the dry, brown desert in which I currently miserably reside. I know...I'll be changing my tune in about 4 months when we start having Chamber of Commerce weather...but for now? I'm kinda diggin' on Small Town America in the cool pines.


The family said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the raised beds. SO awesome.

Looks like a good time was had by all.

Banner said...

Does your camera make my butt look bigger than it is? Me and the chipmunk both think so. Yeah, that's what it is...........your camera.

Birdie said...

I'm in LOVE wiht your mom's garden! That's what I wanted to do this season but the $ wasn't there. Maybe next year. Very inspiring. Now go take a shower *L*

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