Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Workin' for The Man

So yeah...I'm working again.  Which  is why I haven't posted lately.  I am immersed in training.  You know, that part of the job where I am supposed to be learning and remembering how to do my job?  Yeah.  Well, about that.  Call it old age, call it menopause, call it diminished mental capacity...I seem to have ZERO recall from day to day when it comes to learning this job!  It's not a hard job!  There's just ELEVENTY BILLION steps and computer screens to go through to do the job and trying to remember them all is like trying to get my men folk to actually pee INSIDE the bowl once in a while.  It SEEMS like a simple concept.  But things are never as simple as they seem.  Unless they are, then I always feel like there's a trick involved somewhere.  Then I can't enjoy the simplicity, because I am too busy waiting for the other shoe to drop and I end up missing the really cool, simple moment that I was hoping for.  But that's me.  I like to complicate things, I guess.  Well, it's not that I LIKE to complicate things, I just DO complicate things.  Don't ask me why.  I said don't ask.  Otherwise you will get a very long, self-indulgent analysis about my innermost thoughts and feelings and this whole big, long story about my childhood and my issues and GOD KNOWS we have all heard enough about my issues.  The thing is...if someone asks, it makes me feel compelled to give them an answer.  And I'm not one to give one word answers, so it's better to just take my advice and not ask. 

Do you see what just happened there?  Spewage.  This is what happenes when you try to fit a year's worth of training into  a few weeks, people.  Stuff just spews forth from my brain, shooting out like rushing water from a broken fire hydrant, soaking passers-by who stand dripping and confused by the sudden onslaught that caught them by surprise.  Sorry if you got wet.  Blame it on my new employer.


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