Monday, April 2, 2012

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Review - Awesome Fun!!

Here it is the end of March and I still haven't told y'all about our BIG night out a few weeks ago!! 

Can I just say that Big Trucks with Big Tires ROCK OUT LOUD!?  We went to the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam a few Fridays back.  IT WAS 2 HOURS OF SERIOUSLY LOUD and AMAZING TRUCK POWER!!  WHY AM I YELLING?  Oh...sorry.  It was THAT awesome.  And loud.  Really, really loud.  But I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun with my boys!  How many more exclamation marks can I fit into this first paragraph?!  I know.  Major overuse of punctuation.  But it was seriously THAT much fun!

I've never attended a Monster Truck event,so I had no idea just how entertaining the show would be.   I also had no idea how LOUD it would be.  But the loudness is part of the experience.  The huge engines make the ground rumble and fill the arena with so much engine noise that you can't help but feel the power that propels the giant trucks forward as leap small cars in a single bound and crush things under their ginormous tires.

I don't know about you, but as a Boymom I have learned alot about how boys react to that kind of power.  They get very, very excited.  They do things like this:

(See the crazy kid in the bottom right hand corner grabbing his hair?
That would be Big Brother at the height of his Monster Truck insanity.)

Then they spend lots of time talking about how they can't wait to build a truck so they can do things like this:

And sometimes when they do that, they end up like this:

Which might be kind of scary for a mom of the driver to watch.  The good news is that there are lots of safety precautions in place to protect the drivers and the audience from any harm.  No drivers or workers were injured during the making of these videos!

In between the truck runs, there were ATV races and local drivers in various vehicles that ran timed laps to see who could run the course the fastest, so there was always something to watch while the Monster Trucks prepared for the next round and there were lots of chances to catch t-shirts that drivers threw into the audience, but never in our direction (that was kind of a bummer for Little Man, who was working hard to catch the attention of the t-shirt throwers.  Too bad I didn;t get a video of him in action, the boy was seriously workin' it!). 

There were some new trucks at the show this year that we weren't familiar with, like Monster Mutt and the Batman Truck. 

The Batman truck quickly became a favorite for looks, but our family has been following Grave Digger since the boys were little, so we were really rooting for Grave Digger to pull in a big score in the Freestyle event.  So we were a little sad when the show ended with Grave Digger taking a roll on his final run. 

Even with the anti-climatic ending, the show was a hoot and we can't wait til another one comes to town! 

Wanna see when the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam is gonna be in your neck of the woods?  Check out their website here to find out show dates and ticket prices and watch the leaderboard to see how your favorite truck and driving team are doing throughout the season.  And I challenge you not to walk around talking like the show announcer for 3 days after the show..."2 Tons of awesome POWER, Power, Power!" 

**Disclaimer - As a Feld Family Activator, I received tickets to the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam to help facilitate this review.  My opinions are always honest and are my own.**


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