Monday, March 23, 2009

Mr. Incredible Ice Skates?!? Win Tickets!!

Disney On Ice is coming to Phoenix! I can't wait to see how Mr. Incredible does on those thin little blades! Isn't ice skating Frozone's thang!?

I actually love ice skating, but really don't do it well. The whole weak ankle thing gets in the way, which is really amazing if you've ever seen my ankles. They are very manly looking ankles. They look like they were made to withstand the milleniums. Not feminine or small or nice looking in any way, shape or form. Which is kind of a bummer, since I am a girl.

Anyway, I love to watch ice skating and am excited to go see the show. Disney does everything with a bang, I know it will be a great time!

If you live in Phoenix (tickets are only good for Phoenix, folks!) and wanna win 4 tickets for the opening night show on April 9th, you have to leave me some comment love. Contest will end at 12 Midnight MST on March 29th.

If you don't win and still wanna go you can purchase a 4-pack of tickets for only $44 by logging into and entering coupon code MOM.


The Whatcott Fam said... kids LOVE Disney on ice! (okay, so do I)!

Marshmallow Circus said...

Ha ha, the visual of Mr. Incredible on ice, gave me the giggles. :)

Anonymous said...

OOH!! What a neat contest!! That is a good prize!!!But don't include me in it. If I were to win I couldn't go and somebody else would use it and enjoy it to the max!!! Good luck everybody!!! Nothing like free tickets when everything costs so much now days.

4funboys said...

how fun... wish we were closer

johnsonteammom said...

I love you. I miss you. I better win!!

momelo said...

Hey, just found your blog from the blog party. I live in Chandler and my 4 years old would be so happy to win your great giveaway! Ok, I would to! :) your blog looks great, love the frogs!

The Sensible Momma said...

Found you from the party...I think my 3 year old would love to see Disney on Ice! (I'm in Phoenix)

Rae said...

I totally missed this!! good luck to all those that are in in!! Disney of Ice is fun. I took Kayla to Princesses on Ice one time. Fun times!!!

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