Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

We've been on Spring Break this week. It's been nice to slow down a little and relax. I'm not good with rigid schedules, but school forces me to be more structured with my time for 9 months out of the year. Something inside me really struggles with being forced into a routine and so the breaks throughout the year give me a chance to let down so my wierd, structure-fighting, inner rebel can breathe easy for a few days. I like to sleep til 7 or 7:30 (if Little Man will let me) during these breaks and ease into my morning instead of having to jump up and hit the floor running at 6 a.m. Big Brother LOVES him some sleeping in too, I have to wake him or he would sleep til 10 or 11 a.m.!

We get 2 weeks for Spring Break, so this week we did doctor appointments and had friends over. Next week we'll hit the zoo or a movie or the Air Force show and have some fun. Then it's back to the grind and the structure and it will take a week after that to shove my rebeling spirit back into its place for a few more months.

By the time summer hits my regimen hating, Martha Stewart eschewing alter ego comes out full force because it's too freakin' hot to even think about structure or organization. I go into full-on combat survival mode and just focus on trying not to use foul language everytime I walk out the door as the heat hits me in the face like a blast furnace! I can't talk about it anymore...war memories.

One more week to enjoy the beautiful weather, to enjoy my kids, to enjoy being. I'm lettin' the Organizationally Challenged freak flag fly this week folks.


Birdie said...

Let it fly! *L* Glad you're having fun with your little guys. My turn's comin' soon.

Inquirer said...

I came from UBP, it is nice to find someone who shares my life - mom to two boys.

Kristi said...

2 weeks for spring break? Wow...I think I might go crazy for that long of a period! My kid gets so bored if every second is not planned. He is already asking what we are going to be doing next week for spring break. *sigh*. I better start thinkin of something, other than letting him fry his brain with hours and hours of Wii

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