Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why I am NOT a Doctor

So I've had problems the last few years with my gall bladder and have to kind of watch what I eat...nothing really greasy or cheesy. I do okay for about three weeks, until my hubby brings home pizza and then all bets are off and I just know that the next day I will pay for it. I know...stupid. I do a lot of stupid things when it comes to food, which is why I am still fat after 30 years of trying to lose weight.

Anywhoo...a few days ago, I felt the familiar ache under my ribs that usually means my gall bladder is acting up, so I went to Sprouts and bought a huge gallon of organic, non-filtered apple juice and a boatload of radishes and some green apples, all of which are supposed to flush the heck of my gall bladder and then I'm usually good for 6 months or so. By the way, not the greatest taste combination, those 3 things.

On the second day of apple juice, I notice the pain is getting worse and I was eliminating (you know...eliminating!) a LOT of weird stuff. OH YEAH! I forgot to mention that while all of this is happening I am also suffering from the mother of all pollen induced cold/flu attacks that goes around this time of year here in Phoenix when the desert starts to bloom. So I can't breathe, my glands are swollen, my throat is scratchy and dry and I am coughing so hard it makes me pee. And I completely lost my voice from the headlock the phlegm has my vocal cords wrapped in. Not asking for sympathy, just giving you a clear picture of exactly how miserable I am before the side ache thing. Are ya feelin' it with me yet? Okay.

So today is the third day and I wake up tired and grumpy from lack of sleep, because of my stuffed up nose that, although stuffed, was running like a hose and my achy side. I figured I would kill what was left of the apple juice and see what happened. I slugged down a huge glass, and about 2 hours later I was seriously wondering if I was gonna have to go to Urgent Care.

My friend came over and I was telling her about it and she asked if maybe it was my kidneys and not my gall bladder. That made me think. Hmmm...last time I had a kidney attack about 20 years ago it kind of started like this.

A few minutes later hubby came home and I was talking to him and he asked the same thing. Then he asked me when the last time was that I drank any water. "

Ummm...about 3 days ago. I've been driniking apple juice for 3 days."

"And before that?" he asks.

"Not very much, I've kinda not been eating or drinking much at all this week because of the cold thing and then I started the juice."

Apple juice, my husband informs me is VERY hard on the kidneys if your kidneys are unhealthy or if your kidneys are suffering from dehydration. Because it helps flush them. And if there is no water to help flush them the kidneys have to work extra hard and they get all mad trying to process this unfiltered apple juice, which is VERY cleansing.

Then he orders me to go drink about 8 gallons of water. I filled up a Big Gulp Bucket and started sipping, then gulping and within 15 minutes, the pain lessened. I kind of wasn't sure if it was coincidence, so I did some Googling to check on apple juice and kidneys. After another 44 ounce cup of water and some walking around, still less pain. Another bucket of water and 3 hours later, I think I am going to live.

But DANG IT! I hate when he's right!


The family said...

OUCH. How horrible. I SURE how that everything is back in order. That sounded horribly painful.

Miss Hope said...

Well, I can surely say I learned something new! I didn't realize that about apple juice. I'm awful about drinking fluids (like the yucky no taste water) like I should. This may make me change my ways!

Hope you get over this soon!

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