Monday, April 13, 2009

Boymom Gets a Universal Smackdown

I guess I shouldn't wish bad things on the Universe. Like migraines. Because the Universe strikes back. Like an unholy, evil Sith Lord with a Light Saber made of lightening, the Universe smacked me down hard this week. Forget Luke losing his hand, forget Obi Wan Kenobi falling by the wayside, forget Hans Solo being frozen...NOTHING compared to what happened to me since my last post! NOTHING!

So I mocked the Universe becuase one of my computers got hit by that crappy virus. Big Mistake. Big. The Universe does not like to be mocked. Exactly (well, give or take) 3 minutes after I made that post on April 3rd? My old dinosaur of a desktop was brought to its knees by the same virus! AAUUGGHHH!! How could this happen? I was mortified and completely and utterly devastated! NO TECHNOLOGY, people!! How was I going to function?!?! When the blue screen of death came up on my backup computer? I swear I heard this really evil laugh in the background.

Now...why is all of this so devastating? First of all, like an idiot, I never backed up my hard drives. Second...this was just the beginning. The Universe knew I would be weak and vulnerable with no access to email or blogs and it continued to attack on all fronts. Oh yeah...did I tell you? We had cancelled the cable on April 1st, so no TV to speak of either!

So the week from Hades rolled into the next week with 2 sick kids. One was throwing up in class, the other came home with a wicked case of strep or tonsilllitis or MONO! I KNOW! Mono!! We are still waiting for lab results to know for sure. The poor kid's tonsils were so swollen and infected they were squishing each other and closing off his throat! Scary!

So instead of getting my house clean, which is what I had asked from the Universe in the first place that started all of this, I spent last week running from urgent care to the pediatrician to the lab to the pharmacy and back to urgent care and the pediatrician again! 2 sick kids at home, no TV for them to watch while they were sick, no computers to pay my bills (or pretend to pay my bills while I blog), and no money to pay for computer repairs. And no sleep because of sick kids waking in the middle of the night.

Needless to say, the house did NOT get cleaned like it should have. And the Universe? Well, it backed off a bit and I actually got one computer up and running (even though I had to install Vista instead of XP to get it going-ACK!). I feel connected again! Whoo-hoo! Kids are on the mend, everybody is getting used to not having any TV to speak of (unless you count PBS and a few Spanish religious channels) and I learned a valuable lesson. Actually 3 lessons.

First - always back up your hard drives.
Second - Don't ask the Universe for a clean house without specifying how you want the house to get cleaned.
Third - Never, EVER wish a migraine on the Universe. Unless you want the Universe to pimp slap you. Trust me...I've lived it. You do NOT want a Universal Smackdown.

Learn from me, people.
On a brighter note...tune in tomorrow for a review of our Disney on Ice experience!


The family said...

I am tempted to plead for a good housecleaning.

How about this . . . Universe PLease give me energy to clean my house, time to read blogs, creativity to be like all of the other bloggers and health energy and stamina to love 20 pounds.

Hows that?

Kristi said...

Holy Ca-rap! What a nightmare. I just bought an external hard drive, I better go and back everything up. Thanks for the reminder.

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