Monday, April 27, 2009

Break Pal Giveaway!!

So somehow this guy Phil, who created Break Pal with Liz, telepathically connected with my thought patterns about a week ago and caught me on a day when I was freaking out about my my general state of unhealthiness. Phil was smart, because he waited to pounce until the exact moment when I made one of those stupid promises to myself that I would work hard at changing my lifestyle. Then he emails me asking if I want to check out Break Pal and review it. Well, of course I said yes, because I was still in my stupor of thought over my state of physical well being and glowing in the aftermath of my hastily made promise to shape up! Nice work, Phil. Catch a girl when she's delirious with thoughts of a healthier lifestyle. Never mind the fact that I still have to ACT on those thoughts! turns out that Break Pal is actually a really good way for me to break into this whole exercise and healthy lifestyle thing. Because Break Pal was designed for busy people who work from their desks and offices and all of the exercises are designed to be executed in small spaces. So I can actually exercise while I blog! I KNOW! What a concept! Okay, I can't actually type while I exercise, but I can take 5 minutes out of my blogging time and do some quick exercises in between posts and emails and such, without even leaving my chair if I don't want to. I try to rotate and do both standing and sitting exercises throughout the day, which has been really good for my circulation, by the way.

The exercises vary and are challenging, but very doable for a fatty like me. Even if you're a fitness guru and work out every day, these are great desk exercises to help you stretch your muscles and stay sharp/focused during the day. There are several types of exercises including punches, blocks, twists, breathing, yoga stretches, standing, walking and even cardio Karaticise. Here's a quick video to get an idea of what Break Pal is all about!

Each video is about 2-5 minutes in length and has step-by-step instructions to help you quickly learn the routine. I have used Break Pal on and off for a week now and am really enjoying the benefits of a clearer mind and better circulation while I sit at the computer. My posture is starting to improve too...less aching lower back! It's gonna take WAY longer than a week for my poor body to see the toning effects that can result from some of these exercises, but I can definitely say that I have found a tool that I can stick with to help me down the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Wanna try it out? You can click here to go to the site and set up a free trial membership. Make sure you download the widget for your desktop, it will remind you every so often to take a break and do some quick exercises. I found it to be very helpful. After the trial is over, Break Pal is only $9.95/month! The site also serves as a useful social networking site where you can make friends with people on the site to compete against and motivate each other as you earn points for the exercises you do.

Thinking it sounds pretty cool? Wanna win a lifetime membership? 3 lucky readers can do just that by leaving a comment on this post! Let me know what you think and I'll add your name to the drawing, which will end on May 8th at 12 midnight MST.

I'll give extra entries to anyone who fans Break Pal's Facebook page! Be sure to let me know so I can keep track of extra entries.

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Leave a separate comment for every extra entry, please!

Good luck to everyone! I gotta go...the Break Pal widget calls! Should I do Ram's Head Punches or Standing Chi Kung? Wow...did I just sound all health-oriented and stuff when I said that?


Jenna said...

Now that looks like the best ever. Excer-blogging!

Connie Walsh said...

I think it sounds very cool. I would love to have a bit of exercise...this would fit my schedule and would be fun

Connie Walsh said...

I have joined the group Fitting it in on that what fanning is?? Not really proficient in facebook.

Connie Walsh said...

I have tweeted you here:

Connie Walsh said...

I am a follower. I look forward to hearing about another mom surrounded by boys...

Rachael said...

Sounds awesome! Now I just need to download it! :) Maybe I need a little motivation, just like regular workouts.

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