Friday, April 3, 2009

Sometimes You Get What You Ask For

My laptop (actually it's my husband's laptop, but I have hijacked it because it is soooooo much faster and more efficient than my raggedy old desktop PC) has taken a serious hit. I got the Blue Screen of Death today. Can't start it, it's stuck in this reboot loop telling me it is doing a physical memory dump. I have never known anything with the word dump to be very positive. I think it needs serious help. I have tried all the tricks the forums and message boards offer. I'm only a novice techie, not a full blown techie. There's only so much I can do to revive this thing! So...I may be absent for a few days while we try to work out the issue. I don't always feel like fighting the painfully slow speed at which my PC functions.

I guess this may be the Universe's way of granting my daily wish for a cleaner house. I don't think I clarified to the Universe that I didn't want to be the one to clean the house. It was just supposed to just happen. I thought the Universe would know that...all powerful, all knowing Universe. Whatever.

Guess I'll go sully my hands now with some dishes and laundry. I hope the Universe gets a massive migraine from all of the economic issues it is dealing with right now. (Pssst...kidding, Universe! I was just kidding! Still friends, right? Universe? )


Rachael said...

Oh, you are sooooo funny! I know this has been a pretty big ordeal for you, especially that you now have to deal with vista. At least you have a sense of humor about it.

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