Friday, December 12, 2008

Disneyland is NOT for Whimps!! Part 3 - The Final Post!

Here's the Christmas card I will be sending out. Made it at

And here are some cute shots I got of the Men playing.

Are you sick of my travelogue yet? I know what yer thinkin'. It's Disneyland for pete's sake! Mickey Mouse, rides, princesses, blah, blah blah. WE GET IT! Been there, done that. How many posts can she write about Disneyland? Well, apparently 3. I can write 3 posts about Disneyland. Because it was my first time and there was a lot to see and do and because I want to make sure I share everything the good people at Disneyland have done since they hosted the trip! OKAY?!?! So bear with me as I finish up and pass on some REALLY USEFUL INFORMATION!

First, let me tell you about the last day of our trip, Sunday. We all got up early so we could catch a few rides before we had to leave. The room was a wreck and clothes were everywhere so I sent the guys on ahead while I tried to pack up. I was a little ticked about making the sacrifice until I started walking around and realized my feet still hurt a bit from the day before. When I called them and hour and a half later they had already been on 6 rides! They were tired and on their way back! Dang!

So we flew home, exhausted and hungry and elated over our experience. When I got home, here is what was waiting for me:

My sweet hubby had bought these for our anniversary on December 4th and hid them until we were loaded in the car to leave for our trip. At the last second he ran in to "get something." Apparently that's when he set these out for me! For a few minutes I felt bad thinking I had only gotten him a card, then I remembered that my blog is the reason we got to take this trip so...not feelin' so bad about my gift now! But I have to acknowledge the Big effort that Big Man made for me. BIG!! Ya know...he is a really sweet guy sometimes. He can be gruff and sometimes he's a little rough around the edges, but dang it, when he shines, he really shines! Yes, I love that man of mine.

Okay - back to Disney, cause I know you haven't had quite enough. I can tell because your eyes are only partially glazed over as you gaze upon my THIRD Disney post. Here's the news you've been dying to hear:

Disney's theme for 2009 is "What will you celebrate?" To make sure folks enjoy the events they are celebrating to the utmost, they are offering free admission on your birthday! Did you hear me? FREE! ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! I KNOW!! This is so much better than Denny's free breakfast! How cool would it be if you share your birthday with a best friend or another family member and you both got in free!?

Anyway, I think the whole free thing is exciting and wanted to share it. And if you let them know it's your birthday or anniversary or whatever they'll give you a button so when you walk through the park all the Disney workers will greet you! It messed Little Man up everytime someone said Happy Birthday. He would be all "How do they know?" Umm...could it be the GIANT BUTTON that says It's My Birthday on your chest?

So there ya go! Great stuff goin' down at Disney in '09! Was it worth wading through my monotone blog version of vacation slides? I can't wait to go back, but I'm thinkin' I may leave the Boys at home and take my sis or a friend and do the Girl's Weekend thing. That way I can really enjoy all the girly stuff with NO COMMENTS from the Man Clan!!


Sugar said...

Haha... we used to wear "It's My Birthday" buttons just to mess with people!

Disneyland is so awesome. I used to have passes when I lived close by and my teens were little. We'd head over for a couple of rides, some hot chocolate, and maybe a parade. The two younger ones have still never been... *sigh*

Glad you and your family had such a great time.

The family said...

Okay - I love th efirst picture.

And how did you get to go to Disney because of your blog? I need to get entered in THAT contest.

I am Boymom said...

I didn't actually win a contest, I was chosen as part of a media momblog group by invitation. Major blessing as we have almost ZERO dollars for Christmas! It was the best Christmas gift EVER!

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