Monday, December 1, 2008

7 is Heaven, In the Form of Little Man

Little Man came into this world 7 years ago the way he appraoches everything in life...full throttle. My whole labor with him was about 25-30 minutes long. We didn't make it to the hospital, which was only 10 minutes from our house. He was born in the car. Wanna hear the whole story?

I went to bed the night before at 2:30 am with mild cramps. Not contractions, just small cramps, like you would get with your monthly. I woke up at 4 a.m. dreaming I was having contractions. Then I realized I WAS having contractions, and pretty hard ones. I ran to the bathroom to pee and realized from all of the blood in the toilet that it was time to go. My husband helped me pull on some sweats, we grabbed Big Brother, who was 2 at the time and I tried to walk to the car a few feet away, which was pretty difficult. At this point, I was basing everything on my first birth and was still thinking I had a good hour or 2 of this kind of labor. Had I known how close I was to delivering I would have stayed home and called the paramedics!

So, we head out of the driveway and my dear husband suddenly forgets which direction the hospital is and asks me how to get there. I am breathing and struggling to keep from screaming because I am really hurting and he finally heads out. I'm thinking he is gonna really kick it in gear and blast me to the hospital. No, that's not what happened. We get to the first stop light and he stops. I'm like, "What are you doing? Run the light! I'm in pain and this baby is coming! Run the light!" He goes, "No! Our license plate tags are expired and I might get pulled over!" to which I scream "RUN THE LIGHT!!!" So he cautiously goes through the light and proceeds at a very safe pace to the next light, which I scream at him to go through as he started to slow down, etc. etc., for about 4 miles. Meanwhile, my poor firstborn is sitting in his carseat wondering why mommy is freaking out and Daddy is lauging trying to keep him calm, which really irritated me, because he didn't explain what he was doing and I thought he was laughing at me! When I let him know what an ass he was being, he calmly explained what he was doing, but by then I didn't care because I could feel the baby coming and all the breathing in the world was NOT stopping him, which was freaking me out. I did not stay very calm or focused, I was completely panicked and waving my arms around in the air, screaming at my husband, "The baby is coming! He is coming right now! I can't stop him, he is coming right now!" My husband then starts freaking out. We are still driving and are about 3 miles from the hospital and my husband starts to slow down, then a cop pulled behind us. Hubby tries to wave him up along side of us, but cop was a little leery. Right then the baby pops out of my uterus and is squirming in my sweat pants. I'm telling my husband the baby is in my pants and he's looking at me like I'm psychotic. Finally, after what seemed like FOREVER, the policeman pulls up to my window. He looked young. Like 16 years old kind of young. I can only imagine how my face looked when I rolled down the window and bellowed "I just had a baby. It's in my pants!" He stared for a minute, stunned into silence, trying to take in the situation. Then he goes, "Ummm, okaaayyy." I repeated the phrase. He snapped to attention, says "Follow me!" and flipped on his sirens, then we all peeled out to the hospital which was just about 2 minutes away.
When we pulled up into the Emergency driveway, my husband opened his door to go get help and the cop ran out saying someone was on the way. We waited, waited, waited, no one was coming! Finally this guy comes walking down the hall with a gurney, talking to a nurse, poking along like he was on holiday. My husband runs up to him screaming that I had the baby and they finally make it out to me. When I opened the door it was like a bad comedy movie where the station wagon is packed too full. All my bags, shoes, kid's stuffed bear, bottles, come flying out of the car and start rolling down the driveway. A few ER guys kept telling me to get up on the gurney. I kept telling them I couldn't because the baby was in my pants and I didn't want to smash it. I guess I was in shock, I don't know why I didn't just pull down my pants and grab the baby. Anyway, they just kept staring at me and telling me to get out of the car and on the table. Finally a nurse grasps the situation, helps me do this kind of jump, roll, Fosberry Flop kind of thing and I somehow manage to land on the gurney. She grabbed my pants and ripped them down and grabbed the baby. Now all of the sudden the rest of the ER morons get the picture and go to work. I turned to thank the policeman, who was peeling out of the driveway as fast as he could. I think we seriously scared him into not having kids for a long, long time. By now I am realizing that my baby is having issues and I start crying. A really nice guy starts talking to me, telling me they are working fast on the baby and that everything will be okay, stroking my hair and they wheel me in off the driveway and whisk the baby away. He gets me to a room and rushes out. Then the nurse comes and they help me do the rest of the icky birth process and sew me up, etc. By now my husband and son are there and I am trying to find out what is happening. Apparently my Little Man had meconium aspiration and was really struggling to breathe. They got him in NICU and went to work on him, but it was touch and go for about the first 8 hours. My in-laws came and got Big Brother and when everyone cleared out I had time to think about what had happened and started bawling. After about 30 minutes of tears and sobbing I pulled myself together and realized that I was not tired or sore, my body didn't feel all bruised and battered...nothing! Short labor is good. So I took a shower and ate a bagel and recalled my entire wierd birth experience. After about 5 hours they let me in to see Little Man. He was hooked up to a bunch of tubes and wires, it was so sad. They said he fought like hell when they put the tubes in his nose and that was a good sign. I cried a few minutes while I held his little hand and then they made me leave. Later that day they finally got him out of the woods and I got to go back and hold him and try to give him a bottle, which he hated, but kind of took. We stayed in the hospital for 4 more days, which was awesome for me, cause I actually got to rest a little bit and bond with my baby while hubby took some time with Big Brother (the doctors let me stay so Little Man could nurse).

So that's how life with Little Man began. It has not changed much since. He is full of energy and life and loves to explore and find new ways to do things. He is curious and funny and smart and handsome and he does not slow down from the time he wakes up 'til the time he goes to bed. He is definitely all boy and an avid collector of all things Boy, like rocks and bugs and marbles and sticks and bottle caps and shells and bones and whatever else he thinks might be cool or useful someday.

He is my athlete. He is naturally gifted with his body and excels at every sport he tries because he so comfortable in his own skin and with his abilities. He's not afraid of much. He tries a lot of physical feats of strength and agility without fear of pain. His motto is "Pain is something you go through to get to the end result."

Even with his boyish mannerisms, he is the thoughtful one in my family. He tells me my hair looks pretty or how much he loves me, he has to have cuddle time every morning and every night. He is quick to say he is sorry when he has hurt someone and truly feels pained that someone else got hurt because of him. He loves deeply and shows it. He is kind to his friends and classmates and a natural leader.

He totally digs his red hair, and he digs the fact that girls dig his red hair. He is very fashion conscious and concerned about the right hair cut and nice looking clothes. Unless he is playing in the dirt, then it doesn't matter that he is wearing an army shirt with red shorts and cowboy boots. He tells me when my clothes don't look good on me or when he really likes what I am wearing. How nice to have a man in the house with an opinion about my wardrobe!


He runs. All of the time. Think "Dash" from the Incredibles. He chases the cat or his brother, or his dad and sometimes mom, around the house constantly, trying to wrestle or play. He's always moving. He can't sit still, except in school, which drives him crazy, but he does it. His way of saying good morning to his dad and brother is with a big punch in the arm or a tackle, followed by a hug. It pisses Big Brother off to no end to be greeted with a punch first thing in the morning. I'm not kidding. Seriously makes him angry. Little Man can't figure out why Big Brother doesn't like his love punches. Little Man cannot stand still even to get dressed. He walks or runs in circles while putting on his clothes. It's maddening to help him get his shoes on when he won't hold still. And funny. Maddening and funny. Pretty much sums up my emotions about him most of the day.

Little Man feels what he says and says what he feels. You definitely know when the kid is unhappy, because he will make sure everyone else in the house is unhappy too. He gets embarassed in public so he saves the meltdowns for home. And he can have a meltdown, let me tell ya! Un-freakin-believable! The good thing is he gets over his frustrations quickly and then he's back to happy Little Man.

He wants to be an anthropoligist when he grows up. Or a Rock Star. He's worried about his Big Brother being in the military because he knows that military guys sometimes get killed. Little Man looks like Opey from the Andy Griffith show. Maybe he'll follow in Ron Howard's foot steps and become a rich movie director. Whatever he does, I have no doubt it will be at a full-out, fast and furious, breakneck pace that will leave the rest of us standing there wondering what just flew by. Little Man lives life in the fast lane and I can't imagine him any other way (Okay, that's not true. Some days I can imagine him being a little more relaxed, but how boring would it be to have 2 relaxed kids?).

I love him madly and deeply and even when he is on my last nerve he brings a spark to my life that I would never experience without him. He is one of my greatest challenges and my greatest joys, all in the same breath. His magnificent little dirt covered hands and arms around my neck melt away the pains on my worst day and his joy becomes my joy. His curiosity reminds me to live and not just exist. He changed our family. He made us whole. And I am a better person because he loves me.
Happy Birthday, Little Man!


The Sports Mama said...

Aren't we ALL better people when our kids love us?

This was an awesome tribute to Little Man! Hope his birthday ROCKS!

Miss Hope said...

What a truly wonderful post dedicated to Little Man. I enjoyed reading every single bit of it. So much reminds me of my own son and how much light and joy he brings to my life.

Sports Mama is right....we all are better people when our kids love us.

Birdie said...

and what a handsome wonderful little man he is! That was a great story - thanks for sharing. You had me laughin'! I could picture the drive there..oh boy!

Cynthia said...

I had forgotten about the baby born in the car incident. I remember that. Yikes!!
Hope you had a fun day with him. Happy Birthday.

Bandanamom said...

This is a beautiful post Geri.

Lela said...

That is an awesome birth story. I just love the quote - there's a baby in my pants! I'm going to remember that one for a long time. In fact, I write fiction so that's some pretty good inspiration! Thanks for stopping by After the Bubby for the contest. If you win, I have a feeling what your Blurb book will be!

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