Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On the 5th Day After Christmas, My 2 Sons Said to Me

Day 5 after Christmas. This is what I am hearing:

  • My bike already broke.
  • Mom, the cat's in the tree again!
  • This game is missing some pieces. How can it be missing pieces? Oh...I'm sitting on them.
  • I need to go to Wal-Mart and exchange these Star Wars action figures, I already have these guys. I can't have 2 of the same guy. I have to have different ones.
  • Nobody can play today. I am soooo bored. How come everybody went somewhere but us?
  • Matthew (our neighbor) says his Dad is going to wreck our cars cause we said we don't believe in Santa. (I have no idea why my kids think there is no Santa! We have never told them there wasn't! We tried people, we tried!)
  • I can't find my new Light Saber!
  • The cat is a jerk and I want him to run away! (Son, the cat doesn't like to be wrestled, so he gets mad. Quit wrestling the cat!)
  • I'm starving! Can we have something GOOD for dinner tonight?
  • I need more batteries.
  • Who ate all of my chocolates?!? (This was actually Dad asking about his Dove Chocolates, which are completely gone, without him ever having tasted them).
  • I still can't find my Light Saber! Can somebody PLEASE help me?
  • I found my Light Saber, it was in the bathroom! (Cause ya never know if Darth Vader may attack you when you are on the pot. Best to be prepared for any possibility.)
  • Why do I have to comb my hair? This is my Christmas Vacation!
  • All we do is pick up stuff. Pick up toys, pick up papers, pick up clothes. This stinks.
  • No, you can't play with me. You suck at Star Wars.
  • How can I suck at playing with action figures? It's just pretending.
  • I can't believe Christmas is over! Now what are we gonna do?
  • Mom...The cat broke another ornament.
  • Mom...Little Man broke my action figure!
  • Mom...Big Brother hit me in the head with his Clone Helmet!
  • Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

We have 2 more weeks of this! I better start arranging some play dates!


The family said...

SOOOO funny. This is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

Miss Hope said...

I feel your pain, Sister. Good thing PreK starts back Monday. We're counting down the days. My boy needs his routine back and I need some sanity!

Unhappy yet Hopeful said...

Lol! Kids are too funny, well.... sometimes, lol! We need to get together!!!!!!!! Miss ya!

Birdie said...

hey dearie! I'd love to reply to your tweet but you aren't following me so I'm banned *ouch* anyway I'm the velvet monkey maker only my velvet is still in the bag and hasn't turned into a monkey - yet. But that's what Christmas vacation is all about, no? On the other hand I have no idea who Petey Dog is.

4funboys said...

maybe our kids are in fact long lost cousins... because I've heard some of that too (of course, We're not related... because this mama's response has been less than patient and kind!) ha

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