Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wishing My Readers the Most Blessed Christmas Season

Those of my readers who do are not into religion and who do not want it thrust upon them should quit reading now. I am not offended if you choose not to read this post and hope you will come back to read another post on a less significant day. Christmas for me is about Christ and so this post will reflect that.

I loved The Nativity movie and this song by Amy Grant is my absolute all-time favorite Christmas song. It speaks to me, not only as a Believer in Christ, but as a mother. How many times have we all felt as Mary must have felt regarding the life we would bring into the world? The fact that her burden completely outweighed mine is not lost on me. I am simply saying I can empathize, as much as I am able to with my weak and earthly mind, with her feelings of helplessness and her concerns that she would be able to adequately raise Heavenly Father's son. Every Christmas I pull this song out and marvel at Mary's strength of character, her faith and her willingness to follow a loving Heavenly Father who asked her to participate in such a miraculous event!

I also love this slide show made by Mark Mabry called Relfections of Christ. The music and photos are all original works. His portrayal of various scenes from the Savior's life touch me deeply and even though they are not just of Christ's birth, the scenes draw me closer to Him in spirit and I am overcome with gratitude for His life, His example and His sacrifice for us. I hope you enjoy the slide show as much as I have. It will be a part of my family's Christmas and Easter celebrations for years to come.

I have to go look at my Nativity set now and watch Mr. Kruger's Christmas. Have a wonderful and miraculous Christmas, bloggy friends and family. I feel blessed to know and love each one of you.

Merry Christmas!


Miss Hope said...

Religion doesn't bother me a bit! My favorite part of Christmas is my Daddy talking to his granbabies about Jesus' Birthday and such.

I can't wait to meet Mary one day. I just want to hug her because I look at my little boy and I just don't know how she did it.

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