Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Do you have one of those people in your life that always gives you a Christmas gift even though you don't know them that well and you really don't even like them? Then you feel like you have to give them something in return, even though you weren't planning on it? Do they always give you the gift like a day and a half before Christmas, forcing you to make a last minute trip to overcrowded stores, to fight crowded parking lots and empty shelves, all to purchase something generic and cheap, but not cheap looking, because you don't know them well enough to make an educated guess about what they might like? I personally have never done this nor do I have ANYONE like that in my life, but if I did, I might give them this. Because nothing says, "Quit giving me stuff and go away" like Arm Flap Tape. Try giving it to the gift giving nuisance on your list this year and then let me know how it works out. Maybe I'll try it next year. As a gift, I mean, not on my arms. Not that my arms couldn't use it. I'm just not ready to go there yet. I've only sunk low enough to suggest giving it, not actually using it.

On another note, I am shocked and amazed that someone actually thought of this product. And mostly jealous, because hello? How many millions is this genius raking in because he/she thought to use Ninjatape to hold up fat and skin? And after this post, Inventor Man should send me some cash as a thank you gesture, because I am pretty sure that sales will shoot up tremendously after people read this and purchase Arm Flap Tape (excuse me...Slim Tape) galore to eliminate unwanted realtionships in their lives. I'm just sayin' would be a nice gesture.


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now I'm off-- to buy no less than 2 of "those" kinds of gifts... bahhhh hum bugggger!

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