Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Mominator Fights Back

I'm learning about new backgrounds and templates...experimenting. Trying to personalize my space. I am having so much fun learning about all of this, but it is soooo time consuming! I either have to watch my poor kids bounce off the wall all day while I am attached to the computer or stay up after everyone goes to bed, which leaves me a little less than pleasant the next morning. It's not so bad when all of the neighborhood kids are home, they all get together and play and everybody is occupied. Then I can do my "thang" and pretend that I am actually accomplishing something by piddledinking with my blog for 4 hours.

The only problem is that then the housework stares back at me. Sometimes I use my super powers and stare back, then it slinks away. But I think it's gaining strength of it's own, because I swear I heard the laundry pile whispering yesterday. When I walked up to it, it got all silent, like I didn't know it was talking about me to the vacuum. And I'm not sure, but I think the office paperwork has been rearranging itself into different piles than the piles I made, because I can never find anything. I'm pretty good about remembering which pile I put stuff in, so I'm 99% certain the office is trying to make me think I'm crazy. It's also making me fight with my husband (nice strategy...divide and conquer). I tell him which pile something is in, he goes to that pile and it's gone. I get mad, storm into the office, walk right to the pile I put it on's gone! I just laid it down 2 minutes ago! The next day it will appear, in the same pile, but 2 or 3 pages down. Or I'll find it in the shred pile, when I KNOW I did not put it in the shred pile. Great! Now the shredder is in on the whole thing! And here I thought Shredder was one of the good guys!

I have to get a handle on this housework uprising before it gets strong enough to take over the world. (Where I made my Mominator)

The good news is, Ive been watching Justice League with my boys, so I know how evil things plot. I've picked up some pretty good moves from Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl and the African American Chick who kind of likes the Green Lantern. I think I can take the housework, as long as I don't let the Flash distract me.

I like the Flash. He's funny. Have you seen him run? That dude is fast! Wait! What was that?! I gotta go! The Toilets are attacking. I finally realized that The Toilets are the Supreme Evil Beings who really run the show. You know how I know? Cause every time I start to get a handle on things and get into a really good cleaning groove, the Diabolical Doo-Doo Catchers work their mojo and I end up with a...well, let's just say an urge, that forces me to stop what I am doing and run to one of them. Inevitably, while I am in the bathroom, I will notice that my boys were also recently in the bathroom. This leads me to look for the Clorox Wipes, so that I can clean up the evidence. While I am being held prisoner by the Throne, the housework reorganizes and doubles it's efforts to beat me. By the time I get free, everything I've done is undone again. Dang!

Yep...Toilet Terrorists are the Supreme Bad Guys of Housework. They are my Kryptonite. I can see I'm gonna have to call in reinforcements. "Um, Hello...American Maid? Yeah, this is Boymom. Ummm, can I ask for a favor? Yeah, I know it's the third time this month, but I can't seem to get a handle on this housecleaning's the Toilets. What? NO! I was NOT hanging out with The Flash again! I told you, it's The Toilets - they're kicking my butt. Okay, well, Flash did stop by for a minute...he's so hilarious! Have you seen him run?"


Miss Hope said...

How's the Super Toe holding up?

p.s. If there were a magic cape that would give me the gumption to keep my house clean on a regular basis? I might would loan out my first born for the use of it.

Pikes Pickles said...

dang it. I just fell into your trap. I created Super mom. The kids are waiting for rides to the fireworks...and here I sit. I just cant figure out how to save her. UGH

I am Boymom said...

Ahhh, Pickle - To save You have to hit "Print Screen on your keyboard, then save the screen to MS Paint, then crop out the part you want and paste it into another program or save is as a picture (save it from MS Paint). And I KNOW!!! Such a huge time suck, yes??? But fun. I willbe doing my TRUE alter ego next...which may not even be close to the Mominator.

I am Boymom said...

Hope, My Super Toe is Super sore today as Little Man managed to scrape his whole body over it right after I took the bandaid off. No cussing this time, though, so we're making progress. Thanks for asking, Hope. I appreciate the concern!

Dana said...

This post cracked me up! I can SO understand the household trying to take over. Sometimes, when something is mocking you, ignoring it takes all the wind out of the on!

Queen of Chaos said...

HAHAHA! You're such a delight! I loved every bit.


ROFL! What a great post! I'm linking to you on my SocialSpark blogroll. You are officially a hoot! :o)

Shelly M.
The Mom With Brownies

I am Boymom said...

Thanks Queen, Brownies and Dana...glad I brought some humor to a blah subject. I have to laugh, otherwise I'll lose my mind trying to keep it all up. I'm not a natural born housekeeper!

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