Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little Man's Playdate

The Little Man was talking to us yesterday about God.

Well, first he was talking about how awesome he himself (Little Man) is and how he can do lots of things, to which Big Daddy and I agreed. Then he started talking about how God can do lots of things. We agreed on that point also. "God can do backflips." He just said it. Very matter-of-factly. Like he knows. Like he's actually stood there with God and said, "God, can you do a backflip?" And then God did one, just to show him. Grinning from ear to ear, Little Man responded..."Cool. Wanna see mine?" To which God replied, smiling, "Sure dude, knock one out for me." Then, after Little Man's gymnastic capers are finished, God nods, "Awesome, Little Man. That Rocked! You are such fun to hang out with. Wanna race?" Instantly, Little Man peeled out and left God standing there, laughing. That's how I imagined the whole scenario playing out.

My husband, Big Daddy, had another version:
Little Man asks God to do a backflip. God takes the position, pushes as much of his robe out of the way as he can, then flips himself over quickly, landing perfectly on his feet. After a short pause, he stands up straight and flings his arms open..."Tah-dah! How'dya like them apples?" Then he flips his long hair back, strokes his lengthy beard with one hand and says, quite coolly, "There is no charge for awesomeness...or attractiveness." Nice. God steals lines from Kung Fu Panda. Or maybe it was God's line first and Jack Black stole it from Him.


Angela said...

I love how kids think and reason. Thanks for stopping by :) I will be doing another giveaway soon. I just did one last month on my regular blog, but will keep you in mind to do one for me as well. Thanks for sharing your blog :)

Miss Hope said...

Kids amaze me. And humble me, too.

You won't ever regret having put this in words. People will read it ten years from now and smile.

Choppzs said...


Queen of Chaos said...

I love how you can take the simplest thoughts and turn them into a laughing matter. LOL!

You're so fun, Geri! This is a great post.

4funboys said...

through the eyes of a child...

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