Monday, July 21, 2008

BORING Family Update...Back to School!!

School starts next Monday. I KNOW!!! It's so early! The charter school we attend works off of an "extended calendar." Kind of like a year-round thing. We take longer Fall and Spring Breaks (2 weeks) and 3 weeks at Christmas. This is our second year there, I think I really like the schedule, other than the fact that it is so damn hot right now that the kids don't get outside recess because of heat advisories. Makes it hard for the first 3 weeks of school! Little Man loses his mind when he can't get his body moving!

Went shopping for school clothes, my boys are growing too fast and I can't keep up with them! I tried to buy big so they can grow into stuff and maybe make it til Christmas. They liked the backpacks, 'cept Big Brother says light blue is a girl color. We were going to take it back but after he messed with it for awhile he decided that it was okay. Funny, cause he wears light blue all of the time!

The school does uniforms, which is okay, I don't really put a whole lot of energy into worrying about whether or not it stifles their personalities...I don't think they really care that much either, as long as the clothes are comfortable. I get Old Navy stuff, it's reasonably priced and holds up case you were dying to know! Bummer that O.N. did not pay me anything to say that, I could use the money after emptying their shelves!

Here The Boys are with new hair cuts, done by mom at home. Little Man has great hair and is really into his hair looking "cool!" Big Brother likes low maintenance. His hair is really thick and when I cut it, it stands straight up! It has to be really, really long to lay down. He doesn't like it really, really long. So we have to goop it up and paste it to his head for him to get the look he wants, kind of a military "high and tight" look. So we end up having to put a lot of effort into it for it to look the way he wants. I ask is this low maintenance?

Anywhoo...I have to say, it was a pretty boring summer for us, so I am glad the kids are going back to school and I think they actually are too. We meet the teachers on Friday, hopefully we'll get some great ones and this year will be a happy year. Last year was a happy year that way - with teachers, I mean. Just a struggle because one of my kiddies has "focus" issues. It's maddening! It invades every part of our lives! It makes school in general a struggle. Hopefully his teacher this year will work with him like his last teacher. Otherwise the "homeschooling" question may rear its ugly head again and I'm just not sure I'm ready to take that on. Not 'cause I don't think it's great, I really do see some fantastic benefits with homeschooling. But because (and yes I know this is selfish) I'm seriously suffering from parent (or is it life?) burnout right now and the thought of taking on one more thing is just more than I can handle. So...if the need arises, I guess we'll think about it. Until then though, I am just praying for two fantabulistic rockin' teachers who really dig my kids. can happen! They are actually pretty diggable!


Law said...

Wow, school hasn't even broken up for Summer yet here!

Also, if it doesn't have a tie, suit shirt and blazer, it's not a uniform ;)

MoziEsmé said...

Already?! Though they look pretty happy about it. Thinking back, I loved summer but was always excited to start a new year.

I am Boymom said...

Yeah, our American version of uniforms may be a bit casual compared to your European version, Law. you know how laid back we can be!

Hey Mozi - End of July Back to school?!! Last year I freaked, but I think it works for us! Less time to be bored, more tim during the year to relax between semesters.

4funboys said...

uniforms are great for boys!!!

I love the hair cuts and backpacks.

That's quite an early start... but we'll all be jealous come Christmas time and you get that extra week!

3boys247 said...

You beat us going back to school by 2 and a half weeks! Wow!

Nice job on the haircuts and back to school shopping. It reminded me that I threw out our backpacks at the end of school, they were so SMELLY!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will add you to my MOB roll too.

Choppzs said...

The private school I went to had a dress code. We couldn't wear t-shirts,jeans or sweatshirts. Shirts had to be collared and tucked in, had to wear slacks, and no open toed shoes. It sucked! lol But it looks like your dress code is much more laid back. We couldn't wear shorts either, but if they restricted that where you are at???? Your kids would roast! lol

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh, man your boys are too cute! They are growing up so flipping fast!!

I know how you feel about going back to school. I'm ready for sure for them to be back. I'm SO ready!

I hope you get two rockin' teachers for them as well! That would be very hard to take on more then you can handle right now. Life has it ups and downs and I have my moods that like to do a roller coaster diddy on me, as well. Good times.

Tenakim said...

I found yo over at Sue's. I can't wait for school to get back, too. I suffer from the parent burnout , as well- homeschooling mommas are WAAAY better than me!

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