Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sister Love

My sister and I are very close. We live about a half hour away from each other. We talk to each other on the phone almost every day, calling each other anywhere from 1 to 10 times. We discuss things. We chat. We vent. We share and we laugh.

One time she called about something and during the course of the conversation, she mentioned milk was on sale at a local grocery store. I was talking about it and my husband overheard. He was dumbfounded. "She called you to tell you milk is on sale?" My response? "Umm yeah...that's what we do. We call each 6 times a day." He just shook his head and walked away. My sister overheard the whole thing and we both started laughing at the fact that men just don't get it.

It's Sistah Love!!


Miss Hope said...

I wasn't fortuneate to have a blood sister but I have been blessed with more than my share of girlfriends. I have one friend that we sit on the laptops at night and IM each other while watching the same shows. My husband just rolls his eyes. It's good stuff.

Choppzs said...

My sister and I have that same kind of relationship, only we live 2000 miles apart. We call each other on our coffee breaks while the kids are napping and talk. lol Since we can't do it physically, we just do it 5 times a week, during the afternoon. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day! lol Hubs says the same thing, he doesn't get why we talk so much or what we have to talk about. I said "nothing really, we just blab about whatever comes to mind!" lol And yes, she'll tell me if she found milk on sale, and I'll tell her I got a good deal on school supplies! lol

Queen of Chaos said...

Ahhhhh- that's cool and so sweet. We all need someone we are close to, whether a sister or BFF.

I'm glad you have a sould friend in your SISTA! That's just awesome.

Nope, guys DON'T & WON'T ever get it. :S

Queen of Chaos said...

The frozen eggroll comment is SO funny! I'm gonna add that to my blog! Thanks. :)

Kristi said...

I have a close relationship with my sister in law like that. (my brothers wife). I'll even answer the phone if I'm busy just to say, "I'll call you right back" and hang up. People will say, "Why didn't you just wait and call her back in a couple of minutes?" I just wanted to let her know I am here, and I'll call her right back. It's odd, but it works.

4funboys said...

I think that's awesome!!!! Nothing better..

Drowsey Monkey said... sound like my sister & me. We only live 10 minutes away tho. We talk, talk, talk....visit, then at night when I'm blogging we're on yahoo chat...LOL

Her husband has known me since I was 11...he gets it, LOL Still thinks we're weird tho.

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